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Comment Posted by dmazur Feb 17, 2007 07:29 AM

Any Div 2 person claiming they can't play with the Elite Division, had better look in the mirror and watch their noses grow.

There will be none of that whining from Div 2 teams when they are schedulled to play Div 1 teams in the future!

The Blazers behind the leadership of neophyte former 4th division quarterback Scott MacArthur's 4 TD passes defeated the aging and undermanned # 2 ranked Canadian team,Assassins, 27-24.

Reportedly overheard on the Blazers bench were the comments, "I hate those Assassin Bastards,.... let's kill'em!" Former Assassins Gavin Panchuk with 13 points, and the other ex-"Assassin for a day." Harlo Larkin, with 12 points and an interception, led the way for the avenging Blazers! While former Assassin practice squad player, former President of the WTFL, Cliff Kitchen, coming back from two broken ribs suferered in Autumn Indoor, added a two point convert.

Manny "I just go where they tell me, "Atwal had an int, while former lower div player, B. "bee" Stewart had two sacks, against the formerly elusive Assassin QB, Jeff, "the bomb" Kull!

Replying for the aging undermaned Assassins were 2006's WTFL MVP Dave Suehn Jr., Chris "don't call me Kid anymore" Matheson, Bob "Tex" Campbell, and former DMCI/ CIS U.of M Bison, CFL star, Dave "Double D" Donaldson, all with a TD each.

Kull threw for 4TDs also,while Suehn Jr., had an int, for the ancient ones.

Comment Posted by thurston Feb 17, 2007 10:01 AM


Big props to MacBlunt and his crew. That's a great accomplishment.

Way to go guys!


Comment Posted by scott Feb 18, 2007 08:50 AM

Thanks for the props Brett. The Blazer team feels very euphoric with the win over the Assassins. I would like to know the playoff format for divs 2,3 and 4 before the race gets too crazy, there were a few rumors floating out there.


ps. Sean Fuller had a great game too, stats don't always show that.

Comment Posted by dmazur Feb 19, 2007 07:05 AM

Didn't I send that to the team reps. or post it on the home page?? If not I'll post it


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