1.) No player may participate without having signed the two waivers (available from the website, and from myself on site.) Failure to comply will result in the loss of the game for the non-registered player's team,and the removal of the player from the game. It is the TEAM REPS RESPONSIBILITY, to ensure all players are properly registered!!!

2. Only players,coaches and Refs are allowed on the field.(No Spectators!!) Spectators are welcome to view the games from the tee-off boxes

3.) Only water is allowed on the field sidelines!!!, and should be placed on the tarp provided by the Golfdome

4.) No chairs are allowed on the field.

5.) Only up to 1/2 inch cleats are allowed.

6.) Scorecards are to be signed with the first name of initial and LAST NAME. Scorecards with just "Bob" are not appropriate and may result in loss of stats.

7.) No outside licquor will be allowed in the facility. Teams or fans of teams in possession of such will be removed immediately, with the forfeiture of the said game, and further disciplinary action! Any further non-co-operation,at the time of, will result in the immediate stoppage of the game, and possible forfeiture of the said game, regarding the associated fans.

8.)The Golfdome is officially closed at 2:00pm (1/2 hour after last call/rental period ends). Please make your way out by that time.

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.