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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 04, 2008 12:50 PM


The deadline for the Co-ed Tournament has been extended until March 30. A number of teams have stated they are interested. Format will be round robin, games 30 minutes, Last year everyone played everyone, with games every half hour, and one slot break. Finals go on the 12th, the Saturday.

Entry is $180.00 with a huge team prize, by Amici's, as well as many individual give aways.

Format is 5 on 5, but each team must have at least 2 gals on the turf at one time.

Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 14, 2008 06:44 AM

To date, it looks like we have 5 teams vying for the 2nd Annual Co-ed Touch Football Championship, sponsored by Amici's and Labatt's.

Last Year's Champs, the Titans
Assassin Legends?
GG Dubs
Gung Ho

It looks like we can fit that into the April 11th time slot . Amici's, Labatt's and the MITFL provide the prizes as well, the Finalists win some cash

Comment Posted by jkull Apr 08, 2008 05:12 AM

What's the scoop on this?

Comment Posted by dmazur Apr 09, 2008 02:28 PM

Show up and play?

April 11

Indoor Co – Ed Tournament, April 11, Winnipeg, Golfdome REVISED


1.) Assassin Legends
2.) Gung Ho
3.) Titans
4.) Gladiators
5.) Wolfpac
6.) Autobots

April 11


10:20 Gung Ho 0 -Wolfpac 26 West Titans 18-Gladiators 0
10:50 Assassins legends 18- Autobots 6 West Gung Ho 0- Titans - 33
11:23 Assassins Legends 18-Gladiators 0 West Autobots 14 -Gung Ho - 18
11:56 Assassins Legends 12- Titans- 2 West Gladiators 13 -Wolfpac - 0
12:25 Titans 26 - Autobots - 6 West Assas Legends 26-Wolfpac- 7
12:57 Wolfpac 6- Titans -21 West Gladiators 25-Gung Ho 0
1:27 Wolfpac 6- Autobots -12 West Assas Legends 22-Gung Ho -0

April 12

10:20 Div 5 1st vs. 4th Gladiators- Autobots
11:25 Div 5 2nd vs.3rd co-ed Finals Titans vs Assassin Legends
12:30 Elite 2nd vs 3rd


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