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Comment Posted by dmazur Feb 17, 2007 08:09 AM

On a day less than 24 hours after CFL Free Agents hit the market, a number of the Canadian Football League teams were represented at the Golf Dome last night, in Mazur Football League action.

The Assassins were at the leed end of the Free Agent recruiting, having already locked up current Toronto Argonaut, Dave "Double D" Donaldson. Torsion was next in line with emerging CFL All-Star, former DMCI alumnus, Marcus Howell, again already locked up since the start of the season. Howell had a brilliant night scoring 2 tds, in a losing effort as his Torsion team fell to the mighty Avengers, 38-20

New to the MFL, was former Sturgeon Creek, U .of Man. Bison, and current Bomber, former CFL All-Star guard, Matt Sheridan, playing center for the Hitmen. Sheridan, looking in "buff" shape, scored a TD and a convert as his, Brad "Sarge" Sarna led Hitmen, defeated Da family 33 -18.

Sheridan, looked in awesome shape, and one has to ask the question, are the Bombers toying with the idea of moving Matt to fullback, to block for Mr.Roberts??? Seeing the big man rumble down the sidelines on an out an up, was a thing of...awe! His TD catch although a high hard one from QB Sarna, was easily pulled in. This guy has been wasted on the O-line! To the Bomber's new O co-ordinator,"Sum Yung Guy," take note Matt,"the Bar B Que" Sheridan,is the next Fridge. Remember Matt's impression of that "baby back ribs," commercial???? What was the name of that restuarant???? Amici's???? Man that was awesome.

Are we going to see the big man line up at wide receiver, in one of those "let's mess with the Defensive co-ordinators man coverage scheme formations?" Remember, you heard it here first. Could you imagine Toronto's O'Shea trying to cover the "Bar-B-Que," down the sidelines??? Absolutely not....Matt would leave him in the dust.

To add fuel to the speculation, was the fact that the guy he might be blocking for, was out ""observing." Yup,.... That's right!!! CFL All-Star, and the 2007 CFL MVP to be, Charles, "Blink" Roberts, was checking out his, reportedly to be signing with, new team....(sorry I can't let that one out just yet) All I can say is, Avengers and Blazers enjoy those wins while you can....

Mark it on your calenders, March 16!!!

and finally, another rumour, has former Prez, "BSG", doing his best Jon Franklin, /Scott McArhur/Wayne Jackson/Brett Thurston/Brian McKnight,/Gavin Panchuk/Ryan Harbour/ Ziggy Haliuk/Marty Bender/Kirby Shwaykosky/Gerry White/Mike Piecuch/Paul Shea impression, and play for yet another (4th) team.

Cliff is wanting a special President's decree, appropriately called the "Kitchen pass," apparently like a Canadian passport, in that he could enter and leave as many teams rosters as desired, but with the addendum, this "Kitchen Pass" is only available to former WTFL Presidents!!!!

The exceptional President's decree, motion is expected to be tabled at the next WTFL meeting, and passed!!!!

Check out the action tonite as Wendy Shupenia, leeds her Flash team vs last year's Womans's Indoor Champs, the Wildcats while those annoying "the Beez," play the "U of M alumni," El Toros, in what promises to be two exciting games......watershed games..benchmarks...season makers. or .....breakers.

Buy Tickets for RB's stag and social

Be at the Dome tonite....drop the dame off after Valentine's dinner,and head out for some real fun!!!
Be at the Dome tonite
Wow! What a league!

Comment Posted by Matty Feb 19, 2007 05:16 PM


For some reason you can t add a new player to the roster without so said player having an email address on this site.

So for the record, could you please add Charles Roberts to the Assassins Roster.


Chris Matheson.

Comment Posted by dmazur Feb 19, 2007 06:24 PM

ugh....No it's 2007. Get the dude an email address. Don't they give them away free at hotmail? or put him on as one of your users on your computer.??? can we do that? I ain't no techno guy.

Who is this guy anyway?:)

Comment Posted by thurston Mar 09, 2007 11:42 AM

Can you put Chris Walby on the Marauders list please.


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