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Comment Posted by dmazur Apr 19, 2008 09:35 AM

Wow! Remember when J.R. was shot on Dallas?? Of course not, you are too young.

How about the X-files?... when Sculy was kidnapped in the Arctic? No? Still too young(Another sequel is coming out this Summer.)

Well speaking of sequels....ta da.....yup AVengers vs Assassins, Avenger Nation vs. Aztecs and Titans vs Assassin Legends in the 4th div. All happening on the last day of Indoor!!! Can you say drama, suspense, Tension, Climax!????

Thequestion on everyone's minds is?......How many gameswill multi-teamguys have to ref????No not that question!!! Who will take home the Hardware tonite????

Thank God for the Hurricanes vs Meadowood matchup. and what's the other one? The upstart Aints vs.the Rods midgets.

Er I mean Big Deal vs. TAK.

Well, Assassins vs Avengers should be 49-47 for one of them. Plus these guys hate each other. How many Horse collar tackles will the refs allow tonite??? Geez even the NFL outlawed them!!!

Then there is the hated rivalry between once Avenger and former WTFL Prez Todd "the Magician" Rhoden and his Aztec team. Doe Mike Brownridge play for both those teams? or is that just my imagination. Now rumour has it Brownridge is playing on borrowed time with a "wonky" ankle. Will he be able to last through 3 hours of football????

How about the Marathon Men - QBs?? They will all play 3 games in a row. One guy, only a 5 minute game, but he is older, and will the presure of "win it all for Mexico," get to him? While the other guy, 24 year old Jon "Peyton" Franklin will be throwing for 3 hours straight!!! Can he do it.

Titans vs. Assassins Legends. The Rematch: Last week the Titans lost what they claim was a reffing error, in a controversial outcome of a play 22-20, the 2nd Annual Amici's Mazur Football Co-Ed Tournament Final. The winning team picked up a free dinner at Amici's, and 180.00 donaro's to drink with.

Can you say REVENGE???

Both teams have the 3 best women players in Western Canada featured in their line-ups. The Titans feature receiver, Sonya "World Class" Leung, Roxane "anklebreaker" Coe, two of the most fluid receivers you will ever want to see. The Assassin Legends field "the littlest Harmon" (Remember that TV Show???) Melissa "Killer" Harmon plays defence like she has never been fed the day of a game. If anyone in Touch Football ever "went through a person," to make a I mean Touch, this firey red-head, does so quite frequently. However. last week, the Legends used the "Harm= ON" at Center, and she caught the winning convert, with three plays left in the game, as the Assassin Legends came from behind to defeat the Titans 22-20

The Aints er....sorry Big Deal, lead by JG Mercier who is having a break out season thowing to Sam Tougas, look like the eventual Champions in this division. I mean after all they are just playing a bunch of grade 11's and 12s. A 12:30 start is actually past their bed time right?......Wrong!

Ever want to see the best group of receivers in Winnipeg? Check out TAK. Led by Ben "Ben Calhoun" "Rocket" Shea...(Yes another one!!!) and the explosive Jamie Mcmaster- 4 games 60 points and 4 ints on D), Chris Beauleu, the rusher with 7sacs.(How fast is this guy?) and Bryson Prendergast with 4 ints...look out. This team should have been called Air Yak er TAK. Bombs away baby!!!

The 3rd Div matchup between Hurricanes and Meadowood is another interleague hated rivalry. The Canes are led by The WTFL's 2nd best QB, Jeff, "the Bomb" Kull and website guru, Marc "DeShawn" Jeanson who seems to be scoring on a 3 TD a game pace, while Meadowood is led by the sidearm "ginslinger Scott McArthur and is favourite sidekick Bert "Brooke Bart" Bartake. This one is a toss up. But look for the WTFL's2nd best QB, to be the difference.

Finally, the match-up everyone has been waiting for....Avengers vs. Assassins. While the Touch Football world was robbed of the chance to see these two mega-teams fight it out in the WTFL last October, as the Avengers were upset by Grandpa Bell and the's finally here, now tonite, at the Golfdome Winnipeg Canada! Tix available at the door

Two weeks ago in the only head to head match up, the Avengers defeated the Assassins 42-40. Picking a winner in this one is 50 -50. The Avengers seem to have the Assassins number Indoors, while the Assassins are literally foaming at the mouth, or was that cake icing???? seeking revenge.

However, there is one factor against the Assassins tonite.....that's all I can say.

Be there or be square.

Note registration is open for the next Indoor season starting on Halloween October 31st. (Sonya and Gavin's social at Transcona Country Club, see those guys for Tickets) As always sign up on the website, and send in a $100.00 deposit to guarantee your spot. Do not be like those 5 teams this last session that did not get in because they were tardy. if you're'gonna play, get it in!!

Further, note we are also gonna hold a Beach Tourney down in Mexico, so call Chris Lucas at Sunparties for the travel and accomadation details. We are aiming for March 2009
Further to that, a summer "two on two" will be held in conjunction with the WTFL All-Star game in August. The All-Star game will be moved to a saturday to allow for the added events.

Se ya 2 -nite!


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