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Comment Posted by dmazur Apr 12, 2008 10:57 AM

Just a note to Thank everyone for their participation in both the 2 on 2 tourney and the Co-Ed Tourney. People are very enthused about the 2 on 2, and areasking to expand it to full teams of two on two. So Yes we will work on that. Get ready, we'll do one in conjunction with the All-Star Game.

Last night the Co-ed Tourney was awesome. Within 20 seconds of the first game Wolfpac scored a 40 yard TD to open the scoring. Last nights games were awesome. Any idea that women can't play sports or Touch football, is definitley shot down. Many, many super catches and defensive plays by so man players of both genders.

Every team won at leat one game. Congrats to all.

Finals go tonight with the top two teams Titans(last year's Champs) who were undefeated, vs. the Assassin Legends, who finished second with one loss. Game time 11:25 West field.


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