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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 29, 2008 12:04 PM

Hey, before you have to ask again, someone aleady did.

Definitly unique to Winnipeg, is the Indoor League's preference for the convert playoff system. For our Indoor game it is a must. Teams play in divisions where the talent and range of teams is varied. One team may have a 5 - 0 record, but played all teams with losing records. Therefore because the schedule is randomly drawn up, there is no way to ensure teams face the same calibre of competition. Therefore, one team, (if we used points for and against)faced 5 poor teams, conceiveably, their "points for" could be huge, while another 5 - 0 team faced all teams with a winning record, their points differential would be way lower. Therefore, this would not be an accurate method to determine who the better team was.

As a result, "let the tied teams decide" who gets the favourable position, by playing off against each other in the short convert play-off game.


Teams that are tied in the standings....Here is the unique Indoor format for breaking ties in the standings.

1.) Who beat who. If two teams are tied with each other, the determining factor of who gets the higher rank, is the winner of the games between the two tied teams. If there is no game played between the two teams, then it goes to convert play off

2.) Convert Play-off. - Held usually before the schedulled divisional playoff, if teams are tied, there will be a short "convert playoff"
- each team receives 3 attempts to score from either the 5 or 10 yardline.
- Points are awarded for scores as they would be on a convert.
- A successful attempt from the 5, = 1 point. While a successful attempt from the ten, = 2 points.
- Teams alternate until each has had their 3 attempts.
- The score is tallied and the team with the most points gets the higher ranking.

If teams have not determined a winner after the convert round, a sudden death round is conducted until one team wins. This has happened on occassion and teams have gone 25 minutes.

- Usually, it can be done within the regular convert game, or a couple of sudden death tries, and takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

Now having said that, if the tie is between two teams or more, and they choose to waive their right to a convert playoff, and accept the lowest place...that is acceptable.An example of this might occur between teams tied for 2nd place. Therefore they would usually play-off to determine who was 2nd and who was 3rd. But, in the Indoor playoff schedule, 2nd plays 3rd in the play-off. In that case, there would not be anything to gain, and teams usually agree to forgo any tie breaker, and just play the playoff.(as they would play each other regardless of who was 2nd or 3rd.)

3.) Multiple teams tied with the same points.- see above. Yes we have had a 4 way tie, and we played convert playoffs to determine spots, 1 -4. In this case, we try and determine spots within the convert play off if we can, by points, and who beat who,in the convert play-offs. The object is to determine the better or worse teams within the group,and award play-off spots.(admittedly, that's where it gets crazy complicated.) And yes, this also has happened once. Teams that were tied in the standings had a convert playoff, and still no "one team" emerged as superior, and all teams had records within the convert playoff of all beating each other. That one went about 45 minutes. Eventually one team decided to just take 4th, and get on with the regular play-off game, which then followed.

Keeping in mind, that after the convert play-off, you still have to play a regular game. In some cases, that opponent is sitting on the sideline watching the entire 45 minute struggle. If your team is a small rostered team, or has injuries, forgoing the convert playoff may be the strategic move best for your team.

This has proven to be very exciting (as long as you still make the playoffs) Again to play and lose and then finish 5th,can't be much fun.However, that position was determine by the team, not by an administrative decision.

The convert playoff will usually happen befoe the regular schedulled play-off game.


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