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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 25, 2008 09:35 AM

The Greatest Story ever told...Wasn't that an Easter movie?, and what a coincidence....last Sunday saw the registration for the "one on one/two on two" skills tournament, of last year's WTFL MVP, as well as the Woman's division super rushzales. The tourney now has the front runners for 2008 football season's greatest players at all the skill positions. More on that later.

Previously the 2007 WTFL Elite div scoring leader registered. so I got to thinking that the tourney has all the WTFL's top players in it. Wow! The stars wil be out on April 5th.

I also got to thinking of all the great pattern runners, I have seen and would love to see in action again...."The greatest Patterns ever sold!"

Here are the top ten pattern runners/receivers, in no particular order:

1.) Trevor Westwood - Ratz/Santa Fe, 80's/90s - The "re-post" atriple move post pattern, that he perfected and no one else came close to running itlike him.

2.) Darren Yewchyn - Ratz/Assassins - 90's,2000's -cross corner (or post)- a series of moves and a burst and explosion across the field, leaving himself wide open.

3.) James Murphy Heat/Assassins 90's 2000's- break out- exploded out of the cut - gained 5 yards on defender, just on the cut

4.) David Suehn Jr. current - corner comeback - precision route, beat defender on post, corner and then the out/comeback. Another footwork expert

5.) Adrian Huntley - Eagles - current - curl. A series of moves driving the defender off and then hooking up, or curling to the open area. More great footwork

6. Dan Kinaschuk - Combines, Ratz- Assassins current -out/in. Amazing that he runs this time and time again, and no one can cover the monster size receiver. Footwork equivalent to "Dancing with the Stars."

OK there are a couple more honorable mentions.

7.) Trevor Bell,Eagles - current - corner comeback - not as fast and bouncy as Daves, but precision. father and son team could probably throw that one with their eyes closed. (I bet they have!)

8.) Chris Matheson, Heat/Assassins,current - Post - a student of the game, Matty combines all the skills, but this one pattern in particular, is one where he throws a couple classic moves, and then is open on the way downfield.

9.) Brian McKnight, Hurricanes, various other teams, current - Out and Up - Brian looks like the fastest man on the planet,and really explodes on the up.

10.) Kelsey Gray - Assassins - current - Seam - the former tackle - turned - Center, has made the most incredable number of one handed catches I have ever seen. More so, he snatches potential interceptions away from DBs, routinely. So much that they often can't believe they didn't come down with the ball.

Those are the ones I remember. Have you seen anyone out there with patterns to remember?


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