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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 23, 2008 06:56 AM

Hot and heavy Dome action as playoff races start to shape up could be one reason, the intensity level peaked at the Golfdome last night, or, was it because the Easter bunny was a hoppin?

Happy Easter, you touch bunnies!

In the Avengers - Eagles game, the Avengers stuggled early on, but came back to defeat the rusty Eagles 30 -6. Turnovers kill.

Then in the Assassin vs Avenger Nation in a cross over battle it was "hammerin" time, as the refs seemed to have their flags sewn in their pockets.

In a truely entertaining game the Assassins prevailed 42-18, as Jeff Kull had 12 points, and possibly served notice as a potential 2008 WTFL MVP candidate. However, his performance was topped by the return of Tyler Wilcox. (from a two year absence due to re-constructive knee surgery) Tyler had 14 points.

Kelsey "the bartender" Grey, also would have had two TDs but was called out of bounds on one, and settled for a single six pointer.

Finally, Rob Rabichuk had 8 points,a sack and three ints., laying claim to a potential "Best DB in the league" title! Interestingly enough, Rob is entered in the 2 on 2 tourney in two weeks, and will have a chance to demonstrate his great technique and incredible speed. As usual, Tim "the legend" Shea was his accurate self, redeeming his performance from the night before as his Assassin Legends team (minus 57 year old DB, Gord "The Shark" Lapointe, and 20 year old Melissa Harmon) was humbled by the co-ed - Gavin Panchuk, led Titans. In a re-deeming effort, TShea threw for 6 TDs!!.

Replying for the Avenger Nation was multi-team star Ryan Harbour with 3 Tds! This game featured a number of "live to the ball" collisions. Very intense, but lots of fun to watch! (and everyone got up!)

On the far field, Fun and Gun defeated All Madmen 25 - 0, as All-time leading scorer, Kyle Ashuk scored 7 points and threw for a TD. However, his performance was overshadowed by the Indoor league's leading sackmaster, Stephen Katopodis who had 6 sacks including a couple, for safety touches, and finished with a total of 6 points in a winning cause.

While the Madmen had trouble findingthe end zone veteran players Baljit Gill, Ed Esteban, and Julius Banares each had interceptions defensively.

The Mulvey Mustangs hit the win column with a close game victory over Wraith, as star QB, Rhett Turner, threw for 3 Tds. Jordan Kasan had 14 pts,and an Int, while veteran Center Travis Waterman had the other 7 points. Defensively, the Mustangs were led by leading sacker, Peter Correira who had 2 sacks.

For Wraith, Cam Tirschman and Dan Zielinski each had Tds. Defensively, one of the WTFL's leading rushers, Landon Mah, returned to action, and had 3 sacks.

In the late game, HFC defeated NE Ninjas 19 -6 behind a loud and boisterous crowd. Kevin Robson again led the team with 7 points and 3 interceptions, while Don Canong and Orion Ng also had TDs. Ng also contributed 2 sacks defensively. QB Dave Robson threw for 3 Tds.

Finally, also in the nitecap, but on the far field, the team, Darkness, completed their "Cinderfellas" season,going from worst (last year) to first, with an undefeated record, knocking off the newly formed, and up and coming team, the Broncos 14- 13, in a game that did eliminate the Broncos from the play-offs.

Leading the Darkness team to victory was, Brett Thurston with 8 points and an int on defence. Veteran legendary snapper Cliff "blue sweats guy" Kitchen, also had a TD, and narrowly missed another two, except for exceptional plays by the Broncos that left the veteran, inches short of the goal line. Justin Breen had two sacks and Rhett Turner (yup the same guy from the Mustangs)has an Int on D.

The comeback team of the year Darkness was led by Tim Horton sponsored QB, Claude Rheault, who threw for 2 Tds, (while holding the coffee in his left hand!!!) Nice Job on a fine season Randy. Next stop...the playoffville 2008.

For the neophyte Broncos, led by WTFL Past-President Todd Rhoden, Garry Lavaseur had a TD,as did Daniel Shore who also added a convert for 7 points and a int on D. (Never go for one point converts!)

Broncos QB, Craig Keyser threw for 2 Tds and also had two picks on D.

Tough game to lose, but great effort, and all-in-all a successful season, for a new team!

Hey, and it was great to see veteran legendary official, Lionel Bernhard, out reffing since his curling season finished. He worked the "feature" field with the "Colonel" Brad Kelm, while on the far field, veteran Donny Desaulniers, worked with 18 year old rookie official, Jon Johnson, who came from working all day, straight to reffing an extra 3 hours. Well done!

One month left to go, as things start to get interesting.

The Amici rstaurant, sponsored Co-ed Tournament goes in two weeks,April 11/12th, and is all filled up with 6 teams.

While the 2 on 2 World Championship of Football skills still has openings for at least 4 teams/pairs. On the table is the bragging rights as the best 2 on 2 Touch football player in the world!, plus a trip to Mexico for the winners. (That will be the best $20.00 investment you will ever make.)


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