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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 20, 2008 07:40 AM

Hey, I haven't heard a lot from any defenders looking to lay some lumber on those receivers on the two on two contest.....but hey a Trip to Mexixo is on the line for the winners.

DBs/Rushers get points for knockdowns, sacks, int's, and since the contest was primarily designed by two DB's, you know they have designed it so DB/Rushers can win.

So DB's get a rushman and sign up.

Some of the rules are, that the QB, must stay in a 5 x 10 area to pass,so the rusher gets there pretty fast. That means the Receivers have to run good patterns. (We are looking for the best here!) Plus the receivers do have to run a slected pattern from 3 distances, (plus a fourth double move"money" route) So as Coach Colonel Kelm had pointed out, if the guy runs a short route and an intermediate route, all he has left to run is the long or the money, so you could "layoff" in that case.

So receivers, make sure you stick in one ofthe home runs early so he DB's can't lay off.

The one on one tourney goes April 5th 11:25pm - 1:40am.

$20.00 bucks gets you in, qualifies you for door prizes, t-shirts and of course the trip to Mexico

See me to register.

Just checkin the stats and some of the more prominent defenders happen to be:

PuuF Puf Pass - Rosales/Beveridge
Spurs - Chechmanek
OC - Nate Bach
Mustangs - Corriera
Perennial AllStar- DB - Kirby Schwaykosky
Indoor League All- Time Leading scorer and Interceptor - Fun and Gun's Kyle Ashuk while his rushman Katopodis is leading in that category.
Bronco pair of Keyser and Shore
Steamers - Skavinsky
Madmen - Banares is having a big year. Could it be all the way to Mexico?
Avengers - Paluzak and Panchuk
CBS Crew - Joshua Weiss
Maniax Justin Kasak and Cody Mazur


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