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Comment Posted by grob Mar 17, 2008 05:26 AM

Forums are dead here. Just wondering....

As much as I like the touch football thing we got going here, not sure how much 23 days of an indoor season will go for me.
Anyone else doing this?

Think I'll rest up for a month and wait for outdoor.

Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 17, 2008 07:16 AM

Spring is not happening. Spring session is cancelled. Only 2 teams wanted to rock '
n' roll
The session would have run into begining of May. So with 6 teams we would have got it done easily, to coincide with the Outdoor season.

I was hoping we might have a bunch of teams looking to "kick start" their outdoor season and get a few quality practcie games (Indoor Spring) in before finding some mild days and drier fields.

Didn't happen. Doesn't hurt to ask though. The seed has been planted, so we'll see if anything transpires next year.

Hey what about a midnight Indoor Summer league season!!!???
Same deal, play weekends in Summer.

No more dealing with Thunder storm, mosquitoes,wet fields, polluted Lake Winnipegs.

Instead, air conditioned, soft professional even turf, alcoholic refreshments, mere steps away, play a little pool, shoot a round of mini-golf,and a party at the Avengers House!

Who's in?

You are right.

Not much traffic on the site. Fall registration is available.


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