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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 04, 2008 01:02 PM

Who's the best DB?? Who's the best QB?? Who's the best Receiver, and who's the best rushman.

Well, this is the opportunity to find out. Be there or be square, April 5th, with finals on April 5th, April 18th/19th in association with the Championship Finals

Teams of 2, on Offense (QB/ Receiver) vs 2 on Defense (Rusher/ DB) compete to outscore, outwit, outlast the competition. Football bet!

Entry fee is only $20.00/person. Prize money to be determined.

The Rules comittee has finalizing the point scoring system to be used in this World Championship event. Posters with details are up at the Dome.

Entries must be received prior to: New Deadline - March 31, 2008, 232 Eastmount Drive R2N 3W8.

Stay tuned to this site for further details, to follow shortly.

Any questions,

Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 09, 2008 08:48 AM

Just hot off the presses.

Sun steps up and will send the Champions to Mexico!!

Hey dudes,

The Mazur Football Indoor League /SRC and Sun, are holding the first ever 1 on 1 tournament. (It realy is 2 on 2, but, whatever), it is man- o mano.

Erase the Smackktalk section of the forum.

Replace it with the "Smack action" talk.

Grand Prize - thanks to Sun Parties,Mazur Football and Catch Run, Cover, is a Vacation package to Mexico, and the sight of the first Annual Mazur Football/Sun Parties Beach Football vacation tournament, Spring 2009. Actually you can do the vacation thing anytime ya want. But ya could scout out the hotels and beach etc. Sun Parties can give ya more details on that.

The mano o mano tournament will run the weekend of April 5th with play-off action the weekend of April 12 and Finals April 19th.

Entry fee is an introductory price of$20.00 a person. (Ya need two people). Either a receiver/QB or a DB/ Rushzales!

It's basically O vs D. Best records advance. Points are awarded for knockdowns, Ints, Tds completions, etc. Basically, Receivers have to run a pattern selected from a 3 "distance" categories and a bonus "Money" (double move)route.
Points are awarded on the outcomes of each of the four routes. There are penalties for Pass I and roughing.

QB's have a limited 5 x 5 yard area to "buy time"from the rusher, however, the idea is to determine the experts, who can run and throw and cover "on time"

Teams may enter by paying $20.00 each, up until March 30th.

A number of teams have already entered, however there is still room for about 10 more.

For specicific rules pop by the Golfdome and check the posted info sheets, or email me and I can send them out.

Based on the practice runs we have had this looks like a potential event for the WTFL All-Star game. Other prizes will be made available throughout the tournament as well.

Again we are looking for the best QB/Rec combo and the best Rush/DB combo.

Check it out dudes and dudettes. All for the 1st time price of $20.00 for bragging rights as either the best DB/Rushzales (Mexican term for rush person- Hey we have to get ready for Spring 2009 and the Beach tourney!!)or Best QB/Receiver.

Be a part of making history! This is world exclussive


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