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Comment Posted by dmazur Feb 18, 2008 07:04 AM

OK after only a few short weeks, it is evident that there are some pretty prolific scoring machines out there. Who are the best QB/Receiver combo?

In no particular order, here are the combo's who have litup the scoreboard

Chuggernauts - Mackenzie/Mackenzie - Wasn't this a movie in the 80's?
Wraith - Godard/Weekes - If ya want to stop Wraith, cover this guy!
TAK - LaFrance/McMaster - per age...THE BEST!
Darkness - Rheault/Kitchen - again per age (opposite) ...the best
Titans - Panchuk/Leung - Magic, sweetness, precision, artistry,Chemistry!
Assassins - Shea/Matheson - they'll win it every time!
Pirates - MacFarlane/ Saperstein - newbies making a name for themselves
Who Dats - J. Steeves/Martin - a class by themselves. Need to move up to Div II
All-Madmen -Esteban/Gill - also new on the scene. Ya know who to stop here!
Morningwood - MacArthur/Bartake - Scored so much, cleats wore out!
Fun and Gun - Mills/Ashuk - Indoor's All-Time leading scorer..(Indoor's Milt Stegall!)
Maroons - Clarke/S. Pastushenko - Bullets and hands...just watch them!
Superteam - M.Brownridge/McKnight - speed and speed. Brian must be THE fastest man!
Avengers - Franklin / Cook - actually unbelieveable, that no one chooses to cover this guy!Predictably Indoor 2008 leading scorer
Kamikaze - White/ Thurston - consistent big time players
Big Deal - Mercier/Tougas - JG has uncovered and revealed a gem
HFC - D. Robson/S.Leung - new kids on the block who consistently put up big numbers
NDO - Windus/Koldingness - scoresheet needs to be altered to fit their points in
Steamers - Harbour /Slavinsky - starting to get untracked, watch out!
Autobots - Rabichuck/Warkentin - gunner and gunned....say no more. Welcome back Mike!
Eagles - Bell/Noonan - one of my personal favourite QB/receiver combinations
Dirty Birds - Nelson/Litke - All in the Family,with Ricky chewin up the youngans!

OK Did I miss anyone? These guys have lit it up in this first month. But who is the best? Only one real way to find out...Yup "Mazahhh Football's version of SURVIVOR!!!!" the two on two tourney... make that "World Championship," two on two tourney. (Ain't no other event in the world like this one)

One on one, a series of patterns needed to be run vs.the best DB rusher combo....Points awarded to each for completions,sacks, knockdowns and of course TOUCHDOOOWWWNNNSSS!

Who's in? $20.00 bucks a head. Huge prizes for the winners,(ask Suehn Jr. and W. Jackson) t-shirts for the losers;) This is big!

Who's in?

Het what about the DB/Rusher combo's????!!!


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