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Comment Posted by dmazur Jan 24, 2008 06:35 PM

"Get yer Popcorn!"

"Ah the smell of Napalm in the morning."(somethin like that)

Hey it could be another trivia contest....

What better way to start another season of Indoor Football..."It may be 20 below outside, but it will be smokin 20 above inside!"

Haven't counted the teams, but it's more than last year I believe.

Thanks to all the team reps for paying and registering on line!
Oh yeah, please be mindful of Golfdome rules.

1.) only waiver signed people on the field please.
2.) no Chairs on the field.
3.) wait for the OK to go on the field at 10:20
4.) Anyone bringing outside alcohol will be evicted immediately, plus thieir team may default the game, as well as being evicted, and kicked out of the league
5.) Only water on the playing surface, and that mustr be placed on the tarp provided.
6.) All players must sign both waivers (Golfdome and Mazur) available off the web site for downloading. (some will be available on site before your game.)
7.) We must be out of the facility at 1:55am. PERIOD!

Good Luck,

Looking forward to seeing everyone, starting tomorrow! What a great way to kill a winter!

Co-Ed teams SIGNUP NOW!!! Tournament moved to April Deadline to enter March 1!!

2 on 2 New this year $20.00 a guy WorldChampionship 2 on 2 Tournament. Check out the posters. (coming soon)


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