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Comment Posted by dmazur Jan 11, 2008 06:00 AM

2 on 2 tournament, April 19th/ 25th
Entry Fee: $20.00 each guy.
Entry deadline: April 1st
Receiver vs. DB
Rusher vs. QB

Teams consist of 2 guys (Receiver and QB) and DB and Rusher
start at their own 20 yard line (Indoor 5 yards back of center)

Last man (Teams) standing, wins

Each Rec/QB gets 3 downs to score.

Scoring - TD = 6 pts
- pass completion = 1 pt
- pass knockdown = 1 pt
- QB sack = 2 pts
- Interception - 2 Pts

Prizes and Prize money

Comment Posted by dmazur Jan 27, 2008 10:18 AM

OK we are just about finalizing the point sructure.

OK so Kamikaze will take on somebody/anybody Feb 2nd. Anyone interested?
They may be going with 2 both ways. You should get 4 players.

Let's go lets get signed up


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