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Comment Posted by dmazur Jan 05, 2008 02:14 AM

Happy New Year!


Indoor starts at the end of the month. Registration deadline is January 18th. Man that seems really soon. Thanks to the teams that have already registered.

The winter session usually features a few more teams. So be forwarned, limits on teams per division may be in effect to facilitate schedulling. Ten teams have signed up on the website. However, teams will not be "activated" until payment has been received.

Last seson the co-ed tournament was introduced. So we'll do it again, in February (some people have asked that it be moved to accomadate vacations)

Last season saw the Ladies div happen. I have been contacted by a couple teams. I hope there is some interest to continue?

Additionally, I'd like to see that two on two tournament occur. You know for bragging rights to who really is the best!!

Always, in an effort to break new ground, and provide a better experience, efforts at getting an extra hour at the dome, and Morning games have been explored.

Finally a modification in player eligibility will be implemented this winter. The top 3 divisions may have 3 Upper div players, butthe lower divs, only two. So adjust your rosters accordingly.

Remember, "there ain't no life without football!"

So who's playing this winter(Eagles are back....Al, are your boys comin over?)


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