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Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 07, 2007 08:47 PM

TD passes and Ints are sort of related no?

Interception Leaders -
Div 3 leaders are Bert Bartake Soth Side Avengers , Kirby Shwaykosky of the Hurricanes and Kenny Ferguson with the South Side Avengers with 3!

In Div 4 Jesse Clark, from the Maroons with 2.

From New Team Div - Adam Downing of the Wolfpac with 2, and Ryan Henderson of Tool with 2. Hey shouldn't you guys be in Div 3.

TD passers -
Jerry White of the Hurricanes leads Div3 with 5 TDpasses.

Tim Shea of the Legends of Touch - leads Div 4 with 7 TD passes. Shouldn't you over 40 andunder 25ers be in a higher div? This co-ed team is legendary. Get the oxygen ready. Does anyone know CPR? Any Paramedics or Doctors playing Fall Ball? How many over 40 year olds do you guys have?

New Team Division - Lionel Gauthier of Tool - 6 TD passes. Lionel Gauthier in New Team Div????? c'mon!!!

and that Tim Shea Character playing with a team of his 16 year old Rods also sharing the lead with 6 TD passes. This team should be in Elite. What's goin on Dad?

What are you guys doin in New team??? You have a team of potential CFLers.

I think we better be examining game film on some of these "new" teams in the future!

I've been duped! This is like a case for Batman and Robin from the 60's Tv show. That show is a classic. Can't you just see Robin, " Holy duped Batman!" No it would more like, "Holy chameleon, Batman....when is something appears that it's not?" Answer Tool Time and TAK...cue the music, and a swirling bat sign to the next scene.....

Man...That's got to be on the New team Trophy for the Fall...the Bat sign. (Hey I have a bat sign alarm clock, that projects on the ceiling in my way Iain't giving itup... Go to Walmart and get your own.

Congratulations to great performance in week one.

7 weeks till XMas. Do you have your shopping done?
7 weeks till the Championships, and the bat trophy!!!

word of the week duped!, snowballed, befuddled, chameleonized...Legends, vets and future CFLers playing in New Team???? tsk! tsk!

blood tests next session. Rhoid miesters! Performance enhancing drugs. Scandal rocks MFL...Who's renting the houseboat?

Comment Posted by lionel Nov 08, 2007 01:40 PM

Tool time... lmao! If you don't mind Darrell, i think i'm gonna have to steal that slogan! but hey nothin' like callin' out a QB with a career record, minus this year, of a whopping 4-11 in indoor play! Go look at my stats, they suck!

But c'mon Darrell don't ya think you're jumping the gun just a little here? this is, after all... 1 game. yeah, it appears we have a good team but three of the guys, have never played on one of my teams and five of our eight guys have never played a down of indoor football. they're good outdoor players, yes, but indoor is a different animal and for some the transition is longer than others and I nor any of my teammates are about to assume we're gonna roll through this division (after all Tim Shea is in it, isn't he?) or anticipate the level of competition in the new team division, though i guess i did envision a Tim Shea team being there...

Combine that with the fact that we have some players tied up in higher division teams, we felt like we had no choice but to start off in the new team division cuz we sure as hell weren't ready for div 2! But if we play really well this season, and we're able to keep the team intact, we'd be definitely looking forward to moving up divisions and consequently get our asses handed to us!!!

PS Good job putting a QB on the defensive!

Comment Posted by Rock Star Nov 13, 2007 06:42 PM

lol i'm in that division and it's funny how you put that.....i've played for many years yes and have been in higher divisions as well...but come on... my team is full of guys that never played football period much the less run farther then 20 yards on their own will......and looking at the other teams in our div.....looks like lots of guys are just learning the game.....heck people are still asking me what a slant is coming out of the huddle......
padding the stats? maybe..or maybe you guys really thought you really suck...either way looking forward to playing you guys....go MONARCH woop woop...

Comment Posted by Rock Star Nov 13, 2007 06:46 PM

oh yeah the way ...who cares who's in what division.....lets play some football...and have a beer afterwards.....

Comment Posted by Rock Star Nov 13, 2007 06:46 PM


Comment Posted by Rock Star Nov 13, 2007 06:46 PM


Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 13, 2007 07:20 PM

Ok....96 for and 7 against?????

ya huh! do tell... pleaseadd sorrowful violins..

I'm setin up acage challenge match with the Elite Div winner. Ther's that one slot open....

Comment Posted by lionel Nov 14, 2007 03:15 PM

well, there's obviously no way I can defend myself or the team. It is what it is... All I can say is that the teams I've played on have never hijacked a division nor have we ever attempted to hijack a division. Indoor or outdoor... period... Have I played in divisions that were hijacked by an opposing team that was waaaay overqualified for the division? yes... and not just once either but I'm not even gonna get into that. Does it look like we made a mistake by applying for the new team division? yes. It sure seems it was an error on our part but it wasn't premeditated and having a situation like this I think can really only hurt us in the long run so imo it's a retarded goal to set. Ohh, and this is also pretty embarassing by the way.

Just to clarify for you, Rock Star, I didn't think we would suck... I thought we would be very competitive in this division, I just never really realized that this is basically a co-ed/"new players" division. As for the beers after the game, (not just "a beer") I am definitely in the elite division in that department!

Comment Posted by lionel Nov 14, 2007 03:20 PM

Violins and cages, eh Darrell?!?! that's some pretty twisted shit...

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 14, 2007 04:57 PM

Hey Lionel,

To clarify, I am just yanking your chain. You guys have always been fantastic members, and I know your intentions were/are good. It's just that the team is just too much of that!!!(Good) But Hey, now everyone has someone to gun for.

and like you said, many other teams have at various times run into a better than average team, so this ain't a first. It's fun bugging the best.

I better shut up before you start asking for beers for compensation forall this ribbing I have been directing your way.

But in all seriousness. Your team is really fun to watch play.(no matter what div)

And just a note, when teams sign up, no one really knows the caliber of the division, unless it's a bunch of new teams, with new to Touch guys. Actually part of the beauty of the winter league, is you get to try new things with new teammates and make better teams, and certainly more firends. Keep up the good work!

Did I say cages???? Damn, I let that out????? :)

Hey come to think of it....I owe you guys a beer for all this "ribbing!"

Comment Posted by lionel Nov 15, 2007 01:13 PM

Thanx for the good words, Darrell... and while we all can take a good "ribbing", we'll gladly accept the compensatory beverages anyway! We'll definitely be lookin' for ya at the Dome! ;)


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