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Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 03, 2007 07:03 AM

Great start to the season last night
Way to go teams.

However, the Golfdome does have rules, as does the league.

1.) No one is permitted to step onto the playing surface (green artificial grass)unless they have signed both waivers.

2.) Do not throw the ball onto the netting that overhangs from the upper deck and then throw chairs at it to get the ball "down" Don't fricken throw the ball up there!

3.) No one is allowed on the field except players, coaches and refs, who have all signed waivers. ZERO FANS!!!!! If they are not playing or reffing theyareto be in the stands!!!!!!

4.) Food and any other beverage than water, is not allowed on the playing surface.

5.) All participants must be out of the building by 1:55a.m. If your game runs late(which they don't usually) you may be required to exit relatively quickly.

6.) Last call for alcohol. It appears that the youngsters working the concession stand are unaware of "usual" bar protocal regarding "Last call" Therefore if you require a beverage, after 1:20ish, get it then. On occassion the bar has been "just closed" around that time. Beware! That would mean you might want order before that, so you would have a beverage later.

7.) Please clean up after yourself. Especially on the playing field. DO NOT LEAVE your empty water bottles scattered on the field. Pleae bring back and throw away in the appropriate containers.

8.) Those water bottles must be place on the tarp provided. Not scattered near it but ON it.

Thanks for your understanding and anticipated co-operation.


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