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Comment Posted by dmazur Oct 31, 2007 01:55 AM

Elite - Assassins/Avengers - Avengers
2nd Div - Aztecs/Hitmen - Aztecs
3rd Div - Southside Avengers/ Hitmen- Southside Avengers
4th Div - Lendary Assassins/ Maroons - Maroons
5th Div - Tak/Wolfpack - TAK

Comment Posted by mightymaroon Nov 01, 2007 11:59 AM

NICE!!! Although, we seemed to achieve more when we were the underdogs... Do not want to be repeating the Summer League.

Oh well.

4th Division, here we come baby!!!

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 01, 2007 04:57 PM

You guys have had a nice run the last 10 months. That's great. You guys were undefeated for the longest time. Everyone loses sometime. Time to move to Elite baby!!(Of course you'd need more guys,but I see you have drafted half a new team. That's great.)

Good Luck!!

Comment Posted by mightymaroon Nov 03, 2007 12:44 PM

Yup, we're trying to get new guys out, because we need players can make it to all the games... Yeah, if we did move up to Elite, I guess we wouldn't have to worry about "Upper Division Players" so much...

Speaking of which is it still 3 Upper Div Players this year, or only 2??? I've seen both mentioned between the forums and rules.

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 03, 2007 02:31 PM

On a case by case basis, exceptions wil be made for this session. (Some teams registered before I could change the 3 man to the 2 man. Next session it will be two man, except for the top two divisions, where it will remain 3

Comment Posted by melvin Nov 04, 2007 02:09 AM

How can Div 1 have 3 upper division players if they are the highest division ?

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 04, 2007 06:51 AM

Excellent. A Trick question! You are the winner of an autographed league football!

Yeah they can only have 3 CFL guys not 4.

So, Howell, Donaldson, Sheridan, and Blink can't all go play for one team. (Hey they all played last year, albeit for different teams)

Mel? when are you going to learn? The Maze is on top of it. ('cept for that original 3 man/3 man, post, on the home page....and conflicts during week one of the schedule...)

Comment Posted by sarge Nov 05, 2007 08:27 AM

the real question can someone play on 2 teams in the same division??

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 05, 2007 08:50 AM

League decision. It betters the division, by making teams stronger.

Comment Posted by sarge Nov 05, 2007 10:44 AM

yeah but when they play each do you decide?? dilemma dilemma!

Comment Posted by melvin Nov 05, 2007 12:48 PM

Does that mean that a Div 4 player can sub for another div 4 team ? This is not logical if true. The player playing on the second team could influence playoff ramifications.He might be helping to defeat the team thats chasing his original team for a playoff spot. How many players are actually playing for more than one team in the same division ? Could you imagine Sidney Crosby playing for two teams in the NHL in the same season? Maybe not such a bad idea after all.


Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 05, 2007 01:28 PM

Here's how it works,

As the administrator of the league the policy is posted on the front page. I have made it public knowledge that in individual cases, exceptions to rules will be reviewed. In the past teams have asked for special consideration,and in some cases, permission was given to make an exception to the policy/rules. In some cases teams were granted the request, and in others they were not.

Now the sky isn't falling. The A-Bomb hasn't been dropped. If you're in Div 4, how serious are you about your football? This is of-season winter ball. Youare not going to the Nationals. In reality It's one guy, whose other team registered in the same division, unbeknownst to them. If they play each other, He'll have to make a decision(and won't that make him popular)

I'd suggest that if you are so afraid of the sky is falling, that perhaps you avoid the golfdome on Friday and Saturday nights, and then you can monitor Sidney Crosby

Comment Posted by melvin Nov 05, 2007 02:07 PM

I know the WTFL specifically states that under no circumstances shall a player be allowed to play for more than one team in the same div. I just thought that was a decent rule. Sort of surprised when I seen that this was being allowed in Mazur League.Thanks for your explanation. P.S. I still have room for one more person in my fallout shelter.


Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 05, 2007 05:28 PM

Yeah well this ain't the WTFL. The WTFL is a very good league, and it is BIG. So policy has tobe a little more strict. The Maze league is a league that experiments with new ideas, and policy. It originally was viewed as the "D" league, an extention of summer ball ...D= Developmental, and a winter practice league. So some policies are tried out. ie. co-ed ball, father's and sons, Qb's not being allowed to drop more than one division/ and if so, that is all the upper players allowed,limited teams make the play-offs, 5 on 5, one hour games.....all unique.

In reality it still is a developmental league. Although come to think of it, the prizes, and schedulling and reffing is way above any other league.

Like I said. It's really about player growth and development. That's why the bottom divisions in the Winter session will be allowed only 2 upper players. The top two or three divs will be allowed 3 (these are both veteran player suggestions by the way)

Obviously, I want to see players and teams get better.... and playing in this league gives players and teams that confidence. (Avengers, Maroons)

The rules reflect conversations I have with the members, as do the exceptions.The rule you are questioning is and was a surprise to me also. However, both teams and players are long time members and contributors to touch football. They really are not owed anything, however, when their request does no harm to anyone, and allows them to play in a division that is comfortable, then should they not be allowed to?

I would hope those teams and others would move up a division, to gain more competition in the future. The choice here was to move one up (and they didn't think they were ready) or move one down, (and they were too good for that div.) Like I said,it's more of a problem for them come playoff time. That poor QB may have to choose.

Of course this unique situation will be monitored to see how it plays out. The intent on my part is to promote development.

What's your address I am on the way.

Actually, at Xmas, I am going down to Tucson, to visit a cold War missile silo launch facility....just so I can get perspective on the term "bombs away"and of course understanding of the proverbial bomb shelter.....Hey what was that??

Comment Posted by melvin Nov 06, 2007 11:23 AM

As we were walking into the Golfdome at 11 pm the culprits were outside the front entrance drunk out of their minds. They were belching at people as they were walking in. There were atleast 5 of them . Males and females.They didn't look like football players or anyone even associated with football. They looked very young maybe legal age at best. Sure looked liked misfits compared to the kind of crowd we're accustomed seeing at Dome.Besides being drunk it didn't look like they were trouble makers. I don't think you should be responsible for drunk kids at the Dome if they are not affiliated with anyone from the league. Maybe they came to Dome to play mini golf?


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