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Comment Posted by dmazur May 19, 2007 06:52 AM

In the Div 2 Final, the Avenger Nation beat the Blazers 41 -13, in this battle of the Avenger football family.
Leading the winners were Mike brownridge with 18 points and Tervor somebodywith 11 points and an Int. Charles Carlos had 6, as did QB Jon Franklin who also had 5 TD passes and and Int on D.Marcus Whiitington has an Int and Kanwal Saran had a sack.

Replying for the Blazers were Brant Cookewith 6, Harlo Larkin with 6, and Gavin Panchuk with one. Brent Somebody and Sean Fuller each had a sack while QB Scott McArthur had 1 TD pass.

Congrats tothe AvengerNation!


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