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Comment Posted by dmazur May 18, 2007 07:33 PM

In the Div 1 Final the Avengers annihilated the Assassins, 42- 19, as Jon Franklin threw for 6 TD passes, in what had to be thebest game of his young career. The new Center Kevin Zilkowski, ate up the Assassins "defence" for 18 points, making a diving catch, on one particular play.

Superstars Mike Brownridge, Brandt Cook and Sensational Gavin Panchuk each had 8 points, while Panchuk helped out on Defence with 2 interceptions and Cook did likewise with 3 sacks!

Dr. Saran poisoned the Assassins offense with 1 interception.

Bobby Campbell led the Assassins with 12 points, with former Toronto Argonaut Dave Donaldson added 6 points. Wayne Jackson added a convert, while Jeff Kull managed to pick Franklin one time on D.

Congratulations on the blowout victory


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