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Comment Posted by dmazur May 06, 2007 02:17 PM

The Maroons in the New team Division defeated Facekick 32-24, as star QB Jesse Clark scored 2 TDs and picked off a pass on Defence. Big Play receiver Kyle McCourt added 7 points and had 2 sacks on defence. Stephan Pastushenko also had 7 points, while his younger brother Jordan had a big pick on D, to lead the Maroons to the Championship.

Replying for the previously undefeated Facekick were Ian "the scoring machine," Beveridge with 2 Tds. Brent Kaptien has 6 points as did Dylan McDonald who also recorded a sack in a losing cause.

Congratulations Maroons!

In the Div 4 match up, the Beez2 defeated the Assassin legends 46-20. The Beez 2 were led by some guy named Brent with 4 Tds, another guy named John had 8 points while another guy named Jeremy had 12. Some guy named Kyle had 7 points, while RB had 7 TD passes.

Too bad they did not fill in the scorecard correctly.

For the losing Assassin Legends, QB Tim Shea threw 3 TD passes. veteran 50 year old, Larry Sarna had one TD, while the other 50 yr old Wayne Harmon had another TD. Young Mark Lapointe, son of former Assassin Gord Lapointe had a TD and a 2 point convert in a losing effort.

Comment Posted by dmazur May 11, 2007 06:48 PM

Woman's Final

Chargers 46 - Flash 0


Belinda somebody had 4 Tds
Sonja Leung had a TD and Int and 6 TD passes.
Ruth had 7 points, 2 sacks andanice smile.
Grace had7 points
While Sara wong had 2 points and 3 sacks

Way to go Chargers!


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