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Comment Posted by dmazur Apr 10, 2007 07:04 PM

Great season!

Playoffs continue this weekend with some outstanding teams in the hunt for a Championship.

Already decided are the Elite: Assassins vs.Avengers (Assassins get 1st as they won the head-to-head match up)(Outdoor Finalists this past season)

Woman's Final Chargers vs. Flash (Woman'sOutdoor champs the past two years)

Div 2 sees Torsion and Avenger Nation tied for 1st. The team reps did a coin toss and Avenger Nation won and elected to go as the# 1 seed, while Torsion settled for 2nd.

Therefore at 11:25 on Friday The Avenger Nation will play (4th) OC and Torsion will play the 3rd place Blazers on the West field. Those games should reach scores near a 100 points scored/game

The Div 3 match up will see No D(1st) vs Nunwood(4th) on the East field, while 2nd place Team Stegall will play the Untouchables (4th)
Four equally matched teams. This should be the best games of the day!

The Div 4 match up at 10:20pm will see a convert Tie Breaker between the Tiitsburgh Feelers and the Beez2 to decide 1st and 2nd.

The 1st place team will play the Throwbacks while the 2nd place team will play the 3rd place Assassin Legends, on the west field.

Many of the teams had zero losses or one loss. Therefore the matchs will be a toss-up as to who wins.

oooops in New Team... the Final is also set, as the 4th place Maroons defeated the previously undefeated (1st place)HFC 38-18 in the semi-final. Their opponent will be Facekick, led by the amazing Beveridge brothers. It's only fitting such a brother combination would lead a Touch football team.

Good luck to all teams.


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