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Comment Posted by revans Mar 29, 2007 01:02 PM

Just looking for clarification on team eligibility in Division 4. I see that the Titans roster has been deemed ineligible because of two higher division players and I'm guessing two players from the women's division. I also see a Division 1 quarterback and player on Assasins Legends, yet they are eligible. I'm just curious if this is true or (as I'm sure there are) what the cricumstances are behind these rule interpretations. We don't play either team during our regular season- I'm just curious how the eligibility rules work.

Ryan Evans

Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 29, 2007 06:15 PM

It's explained on the home page. Under "The league reserves the right to make exceptions to facilatate the smooth operation of the league." There are two or three teams that had asked for special consideration regarding the policy. This was done prior to the league/season starting. In those cases where the potential development of the game benefits, the exception to the rule was granted.

In the case of those three teams, the concept of the game has been pioneered,(Assassin Legends) or player development (Other 3 teams)was of consideration.


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