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Comment Posted by dmazur Jan 28, 2007 07:20 PM

The Party is on. We are going to go visit the Sun parties own Izzy Odonije!!!the world's tallest building, the home of Michael! the place they filmed the Blues brothers, the place where my third last pro tryout was! yup! You guessed it.

Chi-town, the Windy City, Winnipeg's twin to the south

We, NFL/NBA/NHL/college game/House of Blues weekend tour coming this fall.

Well, OK maybe we all can't squeeze all that in, but we are going to try. BUT...You will have those options!!!!

Think about this grasshopper!

If you call yourself a football fan,and have never witnessed an NFL tailgate party,.... you have not lived. If you have never attended an American college football game, you don't know what being a football fan is all about. If you have never attended an NBA game, you have never seen cheerleaders like this. If you have never been to Chicago....well, you have never been to Chicago!!

Ladies, can you say Neiman Marcus? Saks? NikeTown??? (to buy him a Xmas present)OK that's one place iwant to go and probably end updropping a ton of donaros. the evening ain't we gonna have some fun! That's right, an opportunity to attend the musical "CATS" (OK....that's one I personally will not be going to...Hey the only culture I know about is the one growing in the guest bathroom!....kidding, just kidding, Geez Louise!!!)
In the evening, post game......House of Blues the original founder's first HOB, where it all started...We are going take you there!

We are working on the logistics (figuring out costs) as we speak. Stay tuned for further details.

Comment Posted by javier Jan 29, 2007 09:45 PM

Hmm this sounds really awesome haha I would be down for it if I have money at the time.


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