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Comment Posted by dmazur Jan 27, 2007 07:30 AM

WOW! The first ever Mazur Co-Ed Indoor Touch Football Tournament began January 26, with 5 teams completing 4, 30 minute games in a round robin schedule. The Finals are at the GolfDome, today January 27 at 10:25:00pm. Legends vs. Titans!

Wow!That even sounds good.

All teams recorded at least a point in the final standings. Which would be:

Legends 4-0
Titans 3 - 1
Tarantulas 1 - 2 -1
Pin Pals 1-3
OC 0-3 -1

What an interesting tournament. The Quarterbacks were somewhat brilliant. However the tournament should be re-named The All-Star Women Touchdown sprint tournament.


Well to insure that our gals would get some action, the first tie breaker in the Standings was a new rule for Co-Ed. The most number of TDs scored by the ladies for a team would be the first tie breaker for tied teams in the Team points (at the end of the round robin)

Well, this fact did not get overlooked!

Everytime I looked up one of the ladies was scoring! It was so bad 30 year old Tee Morden of the Legends, had to ice her hand at the end of the roundrobin, because she caught so many passes in the end zone.

Not be be out done the Titans Alana Grimlofson, was reported to be needing oxygen after the round robin, because of all the long Td receptions she had from QB Jon Franklin. This chick should be playing for the Bombers(and what a "looker," too!!)

However, saving the best for last, was World class, National Woman's All-Star, Sonya Leung taking one down the sideline, with former Toronto Argonaut Chris Matheson, being juked out, and then having to lung and make a finger tip tag on SL, as she out raced him down the sideline. You ever see lightning?? That's how fast she is!

In that last game of the day, (of undefeated teams) the Legends won 14 - 13!!! The same two teams go at it today at 10:25 pm.,Admission for this inaugral final is free.

THat was cool!


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