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Comment Posted by spider Mar 02, 2013 11:38 AM

Well since 1996, the idea of Indoor touch football first started with a tournament. The fields were opposite of what they are now. I think we had to mark them with cones. I remember having to put in $5.00 to balance the budget.

Now in it's 18th year, as it was meant to be, a place where friends and others culd come and play a little recreational touch football on a cold winter's night, in a cozy little environment under the Dome!

Well here are the results of the inaugral night of this 18th season.

This weeks game start of the 18th season. Indoor Touch Football since 1996!!!
Anyone wanting to get a little head start on some touch football, still have room for a couple teams.....if ya want to play, this is the place!

Here are the results from Friday:

Mar 1 Fri
Campbell Soup 6- Doggs 51,
Assassins 12 ā€“ Benā€™s Hooterville 6
Brianne's Bombshells 19 ā€“ Green Bay 24,
Browner's Bullets 6ā€“ Bucs 30

Next action:

March 16
10:20 Assassins/Doggs
10:20 Browner's Bullets /Bucs

11:25 AssLegs/Bucs
11:25 Briane's Bombshells/Browners's Bullets

12:30 Briane's Bombshells's/Green Bay
12:30 Ben's Hooterville /Campbell Soup
Still have openings for two teams. $600.00 call 253-3612


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