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Comment Posted by spider Apr 01, 2012 12:35 PM

Congratulations to all those who participated in the 17th season of Mazur's Indoor Touch football League, the original home of Indoor football in Winnipeg.

Hers's a list of thefolowing results.

Elite Division - Doggs defeated Assassins Legends for the second season in a row 45-33. Doggs are on a role.
Wayne Jackson led the Doggs with 19 points and an int.
Jeff Kull had 12 and 2TD passes, while Dave Suhn Jr. added 7 pts and 3 ints.. Mike Nelson chucked for 5 TD passes.

Responding for the Assassin Legends were Mark lapointe with 18 points, Mike McLean and Salar Gregary with a TD a piece. Don Frame had 3 pts as well. Rick Litke had one point and an int. QBTim Shea had 4 TD passes.

In the B division Final TAK defeated Oak Park Pirates 42-18.
TAK was unwilling to provide a roster, therefore stats are unavailable.
responding for the Oak Park Pirates were Chaka Newman with 12 points and Jordan Duguay with 6 pints. Aaron Glawson added 2 sacks while Jon with 2 TD passes Palmeron and Dave Boguski tossed 1 TD pass.

In the C Division Final Sleeveless Monstars defeated BlitzKreig 19- 12. Leading the Monstars was Jeff Krut, Convent Lam and Cory Lajoie with a TD each. Jeff Einarsom added a single and threw for 2TDS.

Responding for Blizkreig was Jeff Fransco and Chris Wentz-Chisholm with a TD a piece. Chris also had an Int. Rob Schneider threw 2 TDs for Blitzkreig as well.

In the co-ed Final the Asslegs regained their Winter Championship from the Bucs as they defeated the Bucs 39-12.

Ben Shea led the Asslegs with 12 points and an int.
Jordan gagno added 7 points while Tim Residorf also had seven points but added an int and a sack to lead the AssLegs. Melissa Harmon added a TD as did Amanda Sousa. Amanda also had 3 sacks vs. Bucs QB Tyler Wilcox!!! Tim" the Legend"Shea also three for 6 TSs as well.

Replying for the Bucs were Wayne Jackson and Kirklin Sam with a TD each. Ty Wilcox threw 2 TD passes.

Once again thanks to all who participated and I look forward to seeing you in the Fall! have a great summer. "Stay in Touch!"


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