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Comment Posted by spider Jan 29, 2012 07:48 AM

17 and counting............ Welcome to the new Indoor 17th? season. Started back in 1996 and still going strong.

As always an inovator in Canadian Touch Football, as the original Indoor Touch football league, it's always fun to try new ideas.
This season we are adding a Flag division, while Co-ed continues to grow. We still have the usual Men's elite touch and the regular Intermediate B and C.

So registration deadline is January 31st. At that point I'd like to star the shedule, and let the Golfdome know how many nights will be needed, so I can confirm them.

Of course that's where you comein. In order to confirm the nightsI have to knowhowmany I'll need and that's governed by the shedule, which s based on teams. Therefore, before I start shedulling Ineed to knowif you arein,and that is accomplished by the registration fee. Team rosters don't have to be finalized until the last regular league game. So players who intend to play in the playoffs, have tohave played atleast one game in the reg season.

Get those waivers downloaded, signed and into me before you play. Have all the players sign up on the website so accurate stats can be kept, and pitter patter, lets get at her!!


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