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Comment Posted by spider Feb 15, 2010 04:24 PM


Talk about 4 great games!!!

A couple new teams, a couple new Elite teams!!


Apparently I saw all the good plays, as some of the players I talked to said they hadn't played all that well!

Broke in a new ref as well, and we even had some awesome controversial calls! I say awesome because the refs huddled up, and discussed. I actually saw two of them, but was unsure as well. (One PI and one disputed catch) Both times refs were in good position,but....

No games this coming weekend due to requests. Action resumes on the 27th. If you haven't signed up to your teams roster yet, feel free to do so. That way all your stats can be kept.

Finally, if any team might be interested in a little tournament action I have the weekend of April 24 reserved. That would be a week or two before the ground is dry enough for outdoor, so a little practice indoor in the form of a tournament could be arranged.


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