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Comment Posted by spider Dec 19, 2009 10:44 AM

Three finals go tonite, with the Co-Ed Final starting off the night with the Gong Show hosting the Co-Ed legends.

The B Final sees lthe Assassin Legends vs the Ducks.

The C final sees two high scoring ofences go at it as the Undefeated Matt and the Pussycats takes on the veteran Knights.

Come one come all!!

Comment Posted by spider Dec 21, 2009 02:20 AM

In the C Final, Matt and the Pussycats defeated the Knights 37-28,as QB Evan Kobell threw for 5 TD passes. On the receiving end were Mike hebert with 2, Pat Anderson, Matt Mrozek and Tyler Gomes with 7 points.

Responding for the Knights was Chad Stevenson with 19 points, Chris Guttermann with a TD and Reynauld Neault with a convert.

In the B Final the Assassin Legends defeated the Ducks 34-27, as Tim Shea threw for 3TDs, with Marc Lapointe getting all three.

Bens Shea and Chris Kelly also scored TDs for the victors. Responding for the Marc Jeanson led Ducks (3 TD passes) was Craig Swanston with 2 TDs, Brett Thurston with 7 points and Kirby Schwaykosky with a 2 point convert.

In the Co-ed Final The Legends defeated the Gong Show 27 - 6 as Tim Shea threw for 4 TDs, and son Ben Shea scored 3 TDs, with Adele Kapeluch getting the other TD. Veteran center Wayne Harmon picked up 3 points on converts.

Responding for the Ducks was Craig Swanston with the lone TD.

Congratulations to all participants and thanks to all for participating


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