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Comment Posted by dmazur Apr 25, 2009 05:00 AM

The Championship of the A division, featured a game between two teams that never met in the regular season. That would be the "Get your popcorn Ready" vs. the Assassin Legends.

Now for those uninitiated, these two teams have developed quite a nice rivalry. Going into the final, both teams were undefeated. Who was the top dog? Well, do to the unbalanced schdule and strength of the opponent being subjective, there was no real way to tell.

However, judging by the trend of each team's gsmes, GYPR certainly could score. The old Assassin Legends, certainly had a stronger offense than defence. Assassin Legends won most of their games handily by at least a couple scores. While GYPR basically demolished it's opposition.

Therefore on paper, GYPR looked to be the favourite.

Well that's why we actually play the games. As it turned out, in another Indoor classic, The Legends eked out the win with a 44-39 victory. A classic, because on the last play of the game, GYPR actually would have scored the victory, if their usually reliable receiver, would have held onto the pass. Inexplicably, as often happens, it bounced off his chest, out of bounds, and the Legends hung on for yet another Indoor title. For GYPR, it was a horrible way to lose. Of course they will have another 20-30 years of future wins ahead of them, while the Legends.....well let's just say Bingo and shuffleboard are in their future.

Certainly a great game! Congratulations to both teams for the wonderful exhibition of Championship Indoor Touch Football

Here's the scoring.

Mike Fardy who came out of a 18 year retirement to play scored 24 points. Cris Kelly scored 8. Tim Reisdorf 7, Wayne Harmon 6 and the legend, Tim Shea 1. T. Shea also threw for 5 TDs

For the up and coming Get Your Popcorn Ready, former DMCI QB, Jon Johnson scored 13,Basketball star Joseph Osanime scored 12, as did the old man (22 year old)of the team Stephan Pastushenko, scored 12. Former Nomad, James Quirante and soccer star Kyle McCourt each had one. Jessie "the Polish Rifle" Clarke threw for 4 Tds.

Defensively? McCourt had one Int.

As usual,the game was phenomenol.

Congratulations to both teams for an outstanding show.


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