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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 29, 2009 06:28 AM

What a night of Touch Football action, as a crowd estimated to be around 100 spectators took in the nights triple header action.

Due to a quirk in the schedule, round robin play ended during the 10:20 games. BUT, and it's a big but....

How's that song go???? never mind.

All of the five B div teams were effected by the nights outcome. In the 2nd place game, 2nd Place Trailer Park Boys played All Washed Up. If All Washed Up won, they would tie for second with Trailer Park Boys. If Trailer Park Boys won they would tie for first forcing a tie breaker convert game with TAK.

Well, All Washed Up, came from behind in a "see-saw" affair, to defeat Trailer Park Boys, 23-20.

Therefore, they were tied in the standings, but since All Washed Up beat Traler Park Boys, AWU would receive 2nd place.
And lo and behold!!! The Playoff would see 2nd vs. 3rd.

In the rematch almost an exact replay, but AWU only won by 2 points, 26-24!!
Kevin Zaluski with 13 points Alex Leppenen with 6 and David Ernwin with 6 led AWU. TPB were led by Kyle Willis 12 points, while Max Kimacovich and Todd Pasternak each had 6

In the final Tak who earlier defeated the Gorillaz played All washed up. with the score being 31 -18.

Ben Shea with 12, Travis Clupp with 12 led the way. Chris Hart repiled with 19 for All Washed up.

Congrats to all the players for a very competitive season.


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