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Comment Posted by dmazur Mar 01, 2009 06:11 AM

Holy cow!

What's with Popcorn?? I was out of breath last night just watching their game vs. DNR. Talk about fast-break football. That must have been a record for fastest points scored. What does the playbook consist of "Play 1 - anybody deep" Play 2 - "Everybody deep?"

Then, in the second half, DNR, must have caught their breath, as they stated picking off "Mr. All-World" Jessie Clarke, and scored a couple themselves!

There was so much scoring, one couldn't even carry on a conversation. Popcorn is like the old Phoenix Suns of a couple years ago, when they "ran" and played a little D.

OK,....Gotta go to the chiropractor to get the neck re-aligned from all that head turning!
Nice game dudes!

Comment Posted by TheChampIsHere24 Mar 03, 2009 06:35 PM

Thanks Spider,

But it does help when the offense gets the ball back every three plays. Big ups to our D who didn't let them get past mid-field (or a first down for that matter) well into the second half.

Way to go guys, I think this championship game is gonna be a thriller!

Comment Posted by TheChampIsHere24 Mar 09, 2009 06:51 AM

This just in:

When the players of Getcha Popcorn Ready, formerly the Maroons, take to the field this summer and upcoming seasons they will be brandishing a new name after their performance on the weekend. But for now "The Centurions" will try to close off the season undefeated and head into the championship game ready to play in a heated rematch of the rivalry from last season.

Good luck to all,

GPR/Centurions #24

Comment Posted by owens81 Mar 10, 2009 12:41 PM

WHAT, when was this decided

Comment Posted by TheChampIsHere24 Mar 11, 2009 01:25 PM

Haha, don't worry, it wasn't "decided".
I'm just trying to get some publicity going... these forums are dead!


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