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Comment Posted by dmazur Feb 21, 2009 06:44 AM

Date Time East West

Feb 21 Sat. 10:20 Legends-All Washed Up,(East) DNR- Gorillaz(West)
11:25 Popcorn-TAK (East)

Feb 28 Sat 10:20 Trailer Park-Gorillaz,(East) Legends-TAK
11:25 DNR-Popcorn,(East)

March 7 Sat. 10:20 All Washed Up -TAK,(East) Legends-DNR
11:25 Trailer Park-Popcorn,(East)

March 13 Fri 10:20 Trailer Park-Legends,(East) All Washed Up -DNR
11:25 TAK-DNR,(East) Popcorn- Gorillaz

March 21 Sat. 10:20 TAK- Gorillaz,(East) DNR-Trailer Park
11:25 Popcorn- All Washed Up,(East)

March 28 10:20 Legends- Gorillaz,(East) All Washed Up –Trailer Pk 11:25 Play-off B1- B4,(East) Play-off B2- B3
1230 Div 1 final,(East) Div B final

The schedule is also posted on the schedule page. Thanks to Marcus for getting it up so fast.


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