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Comment Posted by Jonny Balls Dec 08, 2008 03:04 AM

It is a sad state of affairs when a team like TAK that does possess great skills in order to play the game turn it into an embarresment for all that watch.

As a coach for a childrens flag football team , one has to enrole into a Respect in Sport program in order to properly guide children in the sport. Maybe these guys should be enrolled as well, after they finish there homework of course.
Respect is earned and not given. If they think that winning is the only thing that will bring respect, then they are poorly mistaken.
There is a huge difference between a friendly rivalry and trash talking/ whining when you are already winning the game.

The display that the league witnessed on Saturday night was embarassing to those that play this league for a good time.
Reminder: this is a recreation league.
And when a frustrated quaterback decides to gun a ball directly at a rushers head because he cant complete a pass................toss him.
I dont care who his father much underarmour they wear....or how good they may be....there is absolutley no reason for that kind of display.

My son is seven years old, and even he knows better than that.

My hat is off to the guys from GYPR who schooled these boys in two ways:
#1 - playing the game very well
#2 - really showing great sportsmanship by finding the guys responsible for the trash talking and cheap shots towards them on thier way out of the building and still shaking their hands to commend them on a well played game.

Those are the type of guys that I wish to play this game with. Win or lose.

I am curious to see what kind of actions will be taken by the league against these kids in order to rectify this situation.
Game suspension? Season suspension? Grounded? Finish clearing their dinner plate? Spanking?........GYPR already took care of that:)

Am I just as bad for speaking my mnd in this fashion? Yes.
But my embarrasment of being in a recreation league that condon's this type of behavior superseeds my immaturaty.

Play on , Play on.

Comment Posted by dmazur Dec 09, 2008 07:22 AM

The league doesn't condone any unsportsmanlike behaviour. However, before making any decisions, investigating the event has to be done in a prudent manner. Certainly the "league" can not prevent ignorant play. The "league" isn't out on the field of play.

The officials and teams dealt with the rule abusers immediately. They were seperated, and went on their way. The situation was defused quick and efficiently.

Now, that can't be said about the fans. If the truth be told, there were three groups of fans who seemed to be interested in prolonging the incident.

I personally was at field level, and witnessed the fans trying to antagonize the players.

As noted, the coaches and players, quickly removed any of the potential arguees, and the situation became normal. Kudos to the Player Coaches and adults, who pulled the teams/players apart, and let the situation cool down.

Both combatants, upon the disciplinary committees finding, recommended a 1 one game/1 week suspension for the QB, who instigated the trouble, and the rusher, who responded to the antaganization.

The "league" could not have acted any faster.

Comment Posted by owens81 Dec 09, 2008 02:12 PM

hey jonny , i play for get your popcorn ready and i appreciate what your saying man it was very stupid and immature and showed no class and sportmanship by them, possibly the actions of there coach "tim shea" i dunno but whatever its it the past, and mazur i believe u and the refs handle it great and it sucks 1 of our guys got suspended for it but we gotta deal with it and play on.

Comment Posted by lbrennan Dec 12, 2008 11:38 AM

In response to Jonnyballs, I was at this game and have to say if you think that there was only unsportsmanlike behavior on one team you are sadly mistaken. Yes, TAK was guilty of some questionable conduct, but trash talking, showboating (GYPR) and cheap shots went BOTH ways and you are naive to believe it didn't. As an aside the fans that were in attendance to this game in support of GYPR sat behind the TAK players and shot off rude comments to the players all night long! I also find it offending that you chose to attack the fact that these guys are young (dinner plate comment, spanking - how mature), underarmour and the fact that Tim Shea is one of the players fathers. Think again if you want to put this all on TAK.

Comment Posted by JJ11 Dec 12, 2008 02:33 PM

I'm sorry Mrs/Miss brennan but there is very little you can blame on my team G.Y.P.R. My team Played an excellent game of touch football. Any form of "showboating" was actually a form of celebration between teammates. As for trash talking and out of line fans, that is a part of sports. It may not be a respected part but it is there whether we like it or not, and all players of any sport should be able to rise above if the want to play. I am proud to say that none of my teammates where part of any cheap shot against T.A.K or any violence towards T.A.K until there QB decided to intentionally throw the football at our rusher twice! That kind of behavior is immature and juvenile. If T.A.K can not handle the pressure of an indoor recreational touch football league they are not mature enough yet for organized sports.

Comment Posted by lbrennan Dec 13, 2008 03:23 AM

Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that you are the perfect team. You do however seem to make excuses for some of your teams behaviour hmmmm. Turn this however you want... it went both ways.

Comment Posted by TheChampIsHere24 Dec 13, 2008 08:39 AM

Alright... so I wasn't gonna post on here, but I think some people haven't played enough.
I'm not calling myself the almighty God of touch football, but I have played a few seasons already and every year I see the same thing. Almost every game of touch football I have witnessed includes a degree of trash talking... c'mon people this IS football. Of course there are some rivalries that heat up more than others (Maroons players would know), but that brings more intensity which makes the game exciting. Anyone who is crying about the trash talking that took place last weekend, must either not watch enough football, or watch it blindly (that is to say deaf-ly?).
I'm sure there are plenty of people that would agree, it wouldn't be a competitive game of football without the trash talking.
"Showboating"? I'm not sure what they're referring to. This is football once again. Of course you're not gonna like it when someone breaks your ankles or scores another touchdown on you, but it doesn't mean they have to shut up and quietly walk back to the huddle as if nothing happens. I'm all for celebrations, and there are a lot of people who would agree. And if you think running up the score is showboating, then maybe they shouldn't have stat races in recreation leagues, cause no one wants to kneel down when there are players from other teams racking up TDs, INTs, and the like. Put in a mercy rule if you're really worried about it though.

I am proud that none of my teammates from GYPR participated in any cheap shots during the game. We did any damage we needed to on the scoreboard. Enough said about that.

I completely understand how TAK was feeling during the game as well. After all, when I first joined the league I was 16. No one respected us cause we were just kids. Teams talked trash to us all the time. Well the best way to shut them up is beat them on the field. If you can't then accept they played a better game than you. Don't turn your frustrations into actions and intentionally throw the football at the other team.
The thing that really bothered me was, when we saw it happen and made sure the ref knew what was going on, they did it again. That is completely uncalled for. A true display of disgusting and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Also, one member of TAK was overheard saying as he walked off the field after getting ejected: "Well, it was worth it." That is the exact attitude that is not needed in a recreational league.

Of course, I have my biases being a member of GYPR, but that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it.

It's football ladies and gentlemen, play the game, talk a bit of trash, have a good time. Don't lose your cool

PS. I'd like to thank my teammates from GYPR and the majority of TAK for their sportsmanship and not losing control like some players, or else it would have been a hell of a lot sloppier.

Craig Kwiatkowski
Get Your Popcorn Ready #24

Comment Posted by kdiz Dec 13, 2008 12:51 PM

Just saying...... but if the qb threw a ball at my head I would have intercepted it, returned it for a touchdown and then proceeded to go buy popcorn and dump it all over my face circa T.O celebration haha


Comment Posted by TSteps Dec 13, 2008 01:45 PM

Aka intercepted it with one hand along the sideline with the toe tap just like I did against GYPR. It's the only way to go. No big deal.

Comment Posted by owens81 Dec 13, 2008 02:59 PM

hey hyenas beat us and get some points on the board b4 u guys talk shit man get a life

Comment Posted by Clyde Dec 13, 2008 03:13 PM

All fair points, Craig - but I would point you to the other recent post asking for a longer suspension for the TAK player, and the response from DMazur pointing out that trash talking, showboating, etc. were taken into account in terms of "prevoking (sic) actions". So apparently, all that does seem to matter and is not necessarily part of the game.

I would suggest that running up the score, going for stats, and trash talking are all part of sports, like it or not. Trying to provoke a fight, challenging opposing team members to physical altercations, etc., while sadly a part of sport, still does not belong in sport - especially rec touch football. All of that occurred on the night before the one in question (yes, while playing TAK), and so that is two nights in a row where they showed their "competitive spirit". The difference is, on the Friday night they were winning handily - yet they still acted like schoolchildren (my apologies to all schoolchildren - I should say, bad schoolchildren). Maybe that's why there were comments such as dinner plate, spanking - it was truly pathetic to watch it, much less play in a game against it ("it" being the behavior). I honestly think at least a few of the members of TAK were embarrassed by some of their teammates, but I can't pretend to speak for them.

By the way, the refs were told numerous times about the crap that went on (one TAK member swore the F-bomb directly at the ref, he chose to ignore it outright despite this being pointed out, and then further ignored suggestions about how the game was potentially getting out of hand with challenges to fight, etc. - thankfully the OTHER ref DID call them on it once he witnessed it himself).

Throwing fits on the sidelines on Saturday (kicking a ball to the upper deck of the dome, screaming F-bombs so loud people in the lounge and on the mini-golf course could hear it) had no place. And all that occurred right in front of everyone on the east side - the fans, the desk of officials, the refs, etc.

All I'm saying is it can bring down the league, its embarrassing to see.

Comment Posted by JJ11 Dec 14, 2008 01:48 AM

Dear Linda,

You obviously have never played a sport in your entire life because if you had you would understand that showboating and trash talking is a part of the game. I cant believe you would be so nieve to the fact that we (GYPR), played the game how it was supposed to be played. I am actually the rusher who got the ball gunned at my mid section twice, and I would like to know how you justify that after I had not said a single thing all game long. And as for your comment, havent you checked the standings? we are the perfect team. 5-0


Comment Posted by lbrennan Dec 14, 2008 05:34 AM

Actually I have played a few sports on provincial teams at a high level. Check my posts - I never said it wasn't part of the game. I never said TAK wasn't guilty of unacceptable behavior and I never critisized your teams play. My point was it went both ways it that so hard for ALL of you to understand?? End of story.

Comment Posted by Trav Dec 14, 2008 07:18 AM

Ok, I'm from TAK and yes, some of the things displayed on the field during that game aren't what should come out. Trashtalking and showboating was obviously clear during the game, it is something that makes football what it is. There is on the other side, a LIMIT. You guys had a fairly big lead on us. There is something called respect, you want to put guys frustrated on their edge.. showboat and taunt us as your already winning pretty good. We aren't little babies, and we are not going to take your shit.. We will open our mouths and not hide in a fucking corner. Where is your class.. just go on with the game with the lead and go home, rather try rubbing it in our faces.

Why do you guys (GYPR) act like you guys have no flaws. So you went 5-0.. Yeah, well are you guys overly excited you won something for the first time in your life? Probably aint the first time you guys have won something, but I'm just saying like whats your deal? You guys may be perfect on the standings, but you guys got your flaws too. You trashed talked as much as us, and are alot older than us. Kinda low, on ..your..? part? Yeah.. kinda... Did we showboat.. not really, we made fun of you guys for playing at "our" age.. but we didn't showboat. Rub it in your faces.. No that was you.. You were already winning and then rubbed it in more.. Kinda low don't you think? So you really think thats perfect? You guys did nothing..?

"I'm very glad our team (GYPR) did nothing but play football.." bla bla bla.. That's not the case, why pretend thats true? It's not, why fight that fact?

And its not like that was the only night. Someone pointed out the night before the same thing happened. The score was way out of hand and you ran it up and showboated and rubbed it in their faces. The crowd, your fans.. were acting like little kids too. Saying shit to the other fans.. thats kinda low.. on yeah.. once again your part.

Lastly, the game is over and you have players picking fight with the people on the sidelines.. Players from a different team. One guy wasn't our coach and you wanted to fight him. You wanted to fight tim shea.. what the fuck did he do? He wasn't apart of it. His son threw the ball, not tim shea. tim wanted to break it up and move on, go on your side, and go home.. so pick a fight with him? It was over, leave it. You guys won, you got your stats.. done.. Fans on the uppperlevel after saying shit all game.. picked fights with ours. Started talking to our fans.. Our fans weren't apart of it one bit. Dont be so blind of your own immaturity..

At our age, we aren't perfect.. Were not completely mature just yet.. But are your age.. where did you guys go wrong.. cause your still where we're at.

And don't say the showboating was simply form a celebration between the players.. we're not that stupid.

So like I've said.. We did stuff on our part that we didn't need to.. and you guys did too. The only difference you guys were trying to make us more frustrated.. so don't call that.. nothing. And I'll just remind you it is not like that never happens in football.. but know your limits, and know where to stop and just play the game. What do you expect when you act like you did.. Nothing to happen? Well clearly you probably just learned something.

Comment Posted by Chewie Dec 14, 2008 08:05 AM

T.A.K.vs Gorillaz East Field 40 -- 00

D.N.R.vs GetYour Popcorn R...West Field 01 -- 43

Assassin Legends vs Golden Boys West Field 62 -- 28

Golden Boys vs Gorillaz East Field 40 -- 14

D.N.R. vs T.A.K.West Field 06 -- 40

Assassin Legends vs Gorillaz West Field 54 -- 28

Assassin Legends vs Hyenas 2 East Field 52 -- 22

Gorillaz vs Flaming Cherbaty's West Field 06 -- 32

GetYour Popcorn R...vs T.A.K. East Field 32 -- 08

All blowout games. Yours wasn't the largest margin of blowout, it's actually the smallest on this list. I don't recall any of the other teams on here wanting to start a fight, especially since GYPR was on the winning end of a couple of these. I also notice that TAK "ran up the score" in a few games as well on this list. 40-6 and 40-0. If you are going to make a point, please don't be a hypocrite about it.

Comment Posted by Clyde Dec 14, 2008 08:09 AM


you misunderstood my post. My point was that TAK was the team playing the night before (against our team - DNR), and it was TAK that showed very little class. I will say, one member did try to tell the most obviously offensive members of your team to "just shut up and play", and our team respected that.

It was members from TAK that were challenging for a fight, trash-talking, etc., all while TAK had the game well in hand against us (check the score).

Unfortunately your post will probably be deleted because of all the high-class language you put in writing, but I hope it just gets modified so yours can stay. It shows the mentality of some of your players.

Honestly, your team can play, and its a shame the attitude is so lousy. Last year we lost, and lost big, to a lot of teams. This year, we lost big a few times as well. Our team has always had a great time anyway. But that was the first and only time I didn't actually compliment the QB of the opposing team for a good pass, run, etc. - I guess I was too busy shaking my head at the QB's behavior, and eventually laughing at the immaturity.

Seriously, if your team could just change the attitude, realize it IS just rec touch football and that not everyone is there to make it to the big leagues, then maybe it would actually be fun to play against your team as well - win or lose. You said it yourself, you aren't completely mature yet - time to grow up now.

Comment Posted by Trav Dec 14, 2008 09:45 AM

Clyde & Chewie somewhat:

1st game of the year - New QB. Figuring out the plays, getting the QBs ready. We were not showboating or causing alot of problems. The other team was laughing and having a good time, it was a pretty good game, lopsided score but they weren't like freaking out. 1st half is when we scored.. Check stat sheet when we scored..

2nd game.. A better team, QB still trying to get used to playing in this league, struggled. Threw some picks, and our backup did the same. We could not get it going, and that team was trying to shove us for no reason. We got some bad reffing in that game too and it was just not a good game at all. The other team were playing physical, and we did too, we said words, they said words. Game ended. We went home, so did they. Done.

3rd game.. We're 1-1.. need to improve. This is where your team.. (Clyde) comes in. We are trying to get in a rhythem basically used it as a practice. The one thing tho that happened was some bigger guy started talking to me. At one point he said, how many TDS did you get.. I told him thats the second. Next series, if he wants to start saying stuff, I'll show him. I burned him for my 3rd. Then I played Defence the rest of the game, which I don't play. All our points came in the 1st half, my 3rd td was the only point in 2nd half.. in which I wanted to shut up a guy trying to start stuff. I proved a point.. ON THE FIELD. That was it. Look at the stats. We scored in the 1st half, and not since.
Just like the other blowout game (First game - 1st Half.. We have 2 QBs both had time to work on plays and getting in rhythem. The points were scored in the 1st half.. That was it.

Want to compare? GYPR 1st game. 18-0 at half. 24-0 halfway through 3rd. 43! by the 4th. Like I said, running up the score to rub it in.

Our game vs GYPR - did not finish the entire game.. obviously with the qb/rusher incident. But - 14-6 1st quarter. 26-6 end of half. After all the showboating, 2nd half they got another 6 and shortly the game was ended despite "regulation time". The entire game from the start was getting in our face - great, fine I've got no problem with that.. but once they got that lead.. they kept going, and going. Thats the difference, between these older people and us younger people. There is a difference in age.. not much of a difference in class and they still did it without being "egged" on.

As a sidenote.. There is a difference then competeing with a stat race and showboating. You can compete for stats, without rubbing it in with other teams. I don't think we had the problem with that like your team did.

Comment Posted by seanspruyt Dec 14, 2008 04:27 PM

Hey Trav,

First of all, new QB or not, i have never heard a kid run his mouth so much and displaying the word #$*% so many times in one sentence. Kinda seemed like the only word he knew. Several times when our team ( D.N.R) were playing you guys as soon as he threw a pick or our rusher completed a sack...instantly he ran his mouth which honestly got tiring very quickly. And lastly, our "bigger" guy may have said some stuff about how many TDS you got...i believe....i denied you a few TDS in all honesty...your not all that. And if you really want to talk big for next season....I'm ready to see that you can do!

Comment Posted by kdiz Dec 14, 2008 06:19 PM

Hey Owens81 did you play on the maroons team last year? Because I notice a lot of your team did and well I remember beating you guys in the championship game. So we have beat most of you before, so don't make it sound like it cant b done. On another note we also kept you to your lowest score so far this year, so don't worry we will give you a competitive game. :)

Comment Posted by TheChampIsHere24 Dec 14, 2008 09:02 PM

Okay, Okay, Okay... I'm not gonna lie, this thread has kept me quite entertained.

I understand where you're coming from Trav, but just to clarify:

First Game - Ask DNR about it. We weren't showboating, we played a respectible game and even though the score may not point as such we thought they played really well, minus a few big plays that led to TDs. It was also our first game with a new QB, but that's not why we kept playing. We love playing football. It's fun, it's the whole reason we joined this league.
Our quarterback decided he wanted to throw a TD to each member of our team and nearly did... it feels good to walk into the endzone with the football, no matter the situation.

I wouldn't really consider it running up the score. We just continued to play football. What are we supposed to do, just kneel 3 times once we're in the redzone and give the other team the ball?

I know many players consider it courteous to kneel in the fourth quarter with a big lead and just end the game, I understand that perfectly. I would agree except one thing:
We pay a lot of money to play for total of 5-6 hours of football (plus playoffs), and we wanna play for the full time we payed for. When you rent ice to play a pickup game, you don't all leave the ice with 15 minutes left, skate till your time's up.

Okay, now... I'd like to say something that I know some of my teammates won't agree with, but I know they know what I'm talking about.

We watch a lot of other games, just to see what's goin' on in the league. And all of the games of yours that we'd seen (the 2 before ours), we witnessed your QB basically losing it. Swearing constantly, yelling at his own teammates, throwing things around, slamming his hands against the golf dome wall... and this was in a game you guys won handly! That's ridiculous!!!

Also, previously to playing you guys, we played the Assassin Legends. During that game, there were a few words exchanged between our Jessie Clarke and TAK/Legend's Ben Shea. I also suspect a heated rivalry from previous years, but don't quote me on that.

Anyway, so with those two points, I will admit that our team went into the game against you guys with a bit of a bee in our collective bonnet (so to say). We were disgusted with the actions of your QB and knew it would happen again in our game. When the other team is swearing/yelling/getting in our faces as well, it's obviously not going to sit well. And it just so happened that a rivalry between the two "superstars" of each team is present, we're gonna play with a bit more angst.

Obviously things got out of hand on both sides, and I will actually be the first member of my team to apologize for anything my teammates may have said or done to antagonize you guys. You guys played well. Reminded me of our Maroons team a few years back.

Good luck, and let the rivalry continue next Season!

Craig Kwiatkowski
Get Your Popcorn Ready #24

PS. KDIZ & Hyenas - Owens81 did play with our Maroons squad last year, however not in the same position he's in now. Guess who it is! It was a great defensive battle in both games last year, and the one this year.
I'm looking forward to the challenge of possibly playing you boys in the finals... again. Good Luck!

Comment Posted by lionel Dec 15, 2008 09:32 AM

It was actually painful reading through this thread lol... i don't know that there has been any "closure" on this issue though. Trash talking is not my game, it does nothing for me... so i don't do it but it doesn't mean that i think it should necessarily be entirely removed from the game. BUT i do enjoy it when others trash talk me because it seems to make me play a little better. And i do talk to some of my teammates to not get taken in by it if you can't control yourself. It is a part of not only football but hockey is the most obvious other sport i can think of. if there is a hothead on a team, the goal is to unravel him, and it is a MAJOR bonus if he is the leader of that team. it is indeed a weakness of that player and is often taken advantage of and may be the difference between a win and a loss. right or wrong, these things happen all the time and therefore, really, the responsibility is ultimately on the QB to keep himself in check.

being competitive is a HUGE strength... being so competitive to the point of unraveling is a HUGE weakness. in my experience, if you're easy to 'bait', there will never be a controlled environment, no ref or league intervention, to the point where that weakness is protected from being exposed. it will come out time and time again...

i know from playing the Maroons last year a few of the guys love the trash talking but i paid no mind... i figured it was just their way of making the game more fun for them and i will say that it actually did make the game a little more exciting for me. i will also say that the trash talking that i heard was not done in a disrespectful manner so maybe there are different levels of trash talking?

as for running up the score, we've done it and we've had it done to us... you play hard for the entire game and if the score is way out of hand, you offer to down the ball. if the team wants to play on, you play on and reducing your playbook to five yard plays because you're winning big, well that's just loitering to me lol you should play like it's a tie game.

Good luck to all the playoff teams!

Hyenas 2

Comment Posted by kdiz Dec 15, 2008 09:57 AM

I def agree with my teammate in the respect to "running up the score". Always hated when teams complained about the other team running up the score, it is the stupidiest thing to me. What your basically asking a team to do is stop playing because they are much better than you, and that is uber lame. It's real simple, if you want them to stop "running up the score" how about you try stopping them from scoring lol, and if you can't and wanna complain about it, don't play, it's that simple.

Comment Posted by TheChampIsHere24 Dec 15, 2008 01:24 PM

I agree with the Hyenas. Well put Lionel, that's the exact mentality that we have as a team. We have a few players who talk, but its only fun. We don't mean to disrespect anyone.
Sure, if there's someone we know gets fired up easily, we might try to get in his head both on the field and by talking a bit of trash. It's a great advantage.

Saturday night is looking promising... what a great way to kick off the Holidays!

Hurrah for Football!!!

Comment Posted by Trav Dec 15, 2008 05:55 PM

I brought up the running up the score because someone criticized TAK for it.. I pointed out the facts. I think you guys put more points on later in the game than we did. So any form of running up the score should be pointed more to you guys. I'm not against it, but don't rub it in the faces.

When a game is won, our team likes to switch up the positions, get a crack at a different position and try to make a play. And stats, trying to get stats to compete in the stat race. I've got no problems with that, and me being not a great DB, like to try it when the game is not on the line. And I did, and thats what I'm saying. Hope you understand my point its just you guys did more damage late in the game than we were, and we got the criticism for it, so I backed it up.

Alright, our QB.. Angry little fellow. Good guy, great guy, loves to win. Hates to make mistakes. He makes a mistake, he's mad at himself. Hitting his hand on the golf dome wall, swearing etc.. thats all his own frustration to himself. It's not like he's starting it with other players, and if other players start getting involved, if he's frustrated he's not going to sit and take it. And when his team members are getting trashed talked too, we'll answer back.. himself and ourselves...

You may see him being someone who is swearing and stuff but thats not at someone until they start it up. Thats his nature, he takes it out on himself. Not many are like him. He's used to acting like that. He doesn't want to make a bad play, I try to settle him down at times so he stays focused and makes plays but there's parts you can't change.

Bottom line and this is where you got to see it:

We came into the game not starting problems. You guys started scoring and "taunting" as you will. Kept scoring and kept gloating and rubbing it in. It frustrated us, no doubt I'm sure you would be too. So it makes us angry, but you kept going with such a lead it started to really frustrate us. Thats the point you crossed, and displayed a lack of class.. I'm not saying we are perfect, but you guys when I started posting acted like you guys were perfect, and its not true.

@whoever said bring it cause they denied me a few times.. yeah well you'd think you would make a couple plays or I'd have 10 tds that game? Hahah just bugging you, lol but if I play you again you might stop me here and there, but im also going to score here and there ;) can't wait. lets just keep it on the field this time and show the talent :)

Comment Posted by tak Dec 15, 2008 07:10 PM

haha wow gypr all u guys are the same.....u think u play football? no u touch other guys in the golf dome.... from wat i know u guys are just a bunch of soccer players who quit real football wow haha tough guys.... good to know u guys feel this is a major accomplishment for u cuz thats all ur gonna have in boat it up....enjoy it

Comment Posted by Clyde Dec 15, 2008 07:35 PM

Hey Trav, is this last post by tak your "angry little guy" quarterback, or just one of the other kids that gets picked up by their moms after making them proud by giving their all in a rec touch football game? If it isn't your underarmour qb, then it looks like you've got more than one problem on your hands.

Trav, I do understand some of what you are saying, but you lost me on your accusations against GYPR re: showboating, gloating, etc. when the game got out of hand. Your team did the exact same thing to us the night before - check the scores. Did we blow our cool, kick a ball into the upper deck, throw the ball at your rusher (twice), swear like grade 5 kids that just learned a new word? I think not.

Now I wasn't on the field for your game against GYPR, but everything you are saying about them pales in comparison to what your team did when you played us (DNR) the night before.

tak (the previous post) - funny that you are beaking off about GYPR being proud of their accomplishment, etc. - you sure didn't seem to think it was just a game when we played you, and you made sure to gloat and brag and trash talk the whole game. Remember, you probably won't make it to the pros, I hate to burst your bubble. Amazing how you can see reality for others, yet be completely oblivious to your own behavior. If my kids EVER act like some of the guys on your team in a game (or any other aspect of life, for that matter), they definitely won't be getting a hug and consolation from me (are you reading this, Mr. Shea?).

Comment Posted by Jonny Balls Dec 16, 2008 06:44 AM

Ques que sup bitches!!!!

Apparently I opened up a huge can here. You guys are all awesome! Funny that no one was talkin trash last weekend. Maybe it is because we are all venting here.

I must remind you all......awesome.Very comical

I love this sport. Lets play the game.
I want to spend my time in this league with a great bunch of guys, either on my team or others that after the games you can sit around with and slam back a couple of jars.
No I am not looking for a BRO-mance.

I can easily say that although DNR ( Do not resesitate ) doesn't quite have the outsatnding record that some do......but in the new season we are going to have VIAGRA written on our shirts because we are all a couple of big ol' pricks on the rise!!!!

Play on Play on.....

Comment Posted by Ocho-Cinco Dec 16, 2008 04:34 PM


First of all none of our team (GYPR) played soccer. I did. The rusher who you through the ball at. And YES. I did quit a football team. The rods team that had a joke of a coach. And yes I mean a joke. As if a 30 something-old actually has the balls to run down an 18 year old kid. Way to go Wade, what a man you are.

And I'll tell you something, sure we might not be "football" players. Half of our team never even played on a football team. But you know what, we still gave you little kids a spanking.

Comment Posted by Trav Dec 16, 2008 05:47 PM

Well I don't know who tak is. I've asked some players and they dont say its them. So who knows, might not even be our player. I'm not worried about that.

And about us doing the same as GYPR.. tell me how? The difference was because DNR - you guys started talking. A guy tried putting my skills down so I showed him up and trashtalked him a bit.. just so he got the point. Its not like I started it by saying Guess how many thats now.. He started it, and its the full truth. They want to continue to talk fine, we'll talk back I don't see whats wrong with that. We scored our points in first half only - except for my 6 to prove a point. So we weren't running up the score. And the talking was started because you guys tried bashing us.

DNR - you played with alittle more class than GYPR, and thats what I was trying to prove. The way they played against us, all their showboating. How did we showboat. We didnt laugh in your faces mock you and do a little dance. Understand my criticism is towards GYPR not DNR, and you can't suggest we are just like GYPR.. or you haven't read my posts.

Comment Posted by TheChampIsHere24 Dec 16, 2008 08:02 PM

Oh my Goodness. And it continues...

First off, I believe there is a bit of exaggeration going on here, and of course that'll happen when there are biased opinions. I think Double D needs to get on here and set the record straight. He saw the whole game without being on one team or the other.

Second off, way to go "tak", you amaze me. You know, we're not the ones inviting our parents to come and applaud our "Huge Accomplishments". We're playing in a rec league to have some fun playing football and maybe knocking down some kids with a little too big of an ego in the process. The same reason we all played on our school football team. If you think that you're a big deal because you played a few seasons with the Rods, think again, in fact read my buddy Ocho-Cinco's post.

Trav, you failed to acknowledge as the rivalry between our two star players... Jessie wasn't too happy after the little brush up he had with Ben in the Ass Legends game, and was hoping to just set things straight in our game.

Also, its not like we insulted you guys or disrespected you in anyway. Wish I could say the same about Mr "tak".

Finally, DNR is a team that played both of us. They know who was more sportsmanlike and who they didn't quite enjoy playing. Don't argue with them.
You guys have one side of the story, we have another. That's not gonna change no matter how many times we write novels on this forum.

We both got a one game suspension, we both had things to say, and we both voiced our opinions on the forums.
It's dead, think what you what, we'll think what we want.

See you guys next season, I think it's gonna be one hell of a game!

Craig Kwiatkowski
Get Your Popcorn Ready #24

PS. "tak" do your homework before you say shit. You don't know us at all. I don't know you, so all I can say is my team can sure beat the hell out of yours in a touch football game. =)

Comment Posted by Trav Dec 17, 2008 05:13 PM

The champ, do you clearly not see the point I'm trying to raise. I've admitted we are not the perfect team. We do trashtalk at times and all the stuff we've been talking about on the forum. But you guys believe your team is PERFECT, and its simply NOT! It's not.. and your showboating and stuff shows the lack of class you guys had. At times yes, we showed a lack of class, but were younger and even we can admit it. You guys just can't admit that.

And if we play you again, we'll know what were up for, and it will be a good game. Don't think its an easy ride from here on in.


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