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Comment Posted by dmazur Dec 06, 2008 07:51 AM

Well, half way through the schedule and there is aa quaduple tie for 2nd. DNR and the Gorillaz have yet to get a win, but they will try again tonite. Then in the regular season Finale they play head to head, for a chance to get that elusive win if one doesn't have one by then.

Meanwhile, it looks like GYPR may finish undefeated, although TAK is licking their chops waiting for the big game tonite. Last night GYPR and Hyenas 2 played in a defensive strugle with 8-0 being the predominant score for most of the game. Hyenas2 never got across center field as GYPR played great defence while Hyenas misfired on other occassions.

The Flaming Cherbaty's after their first "warmup" game have rattled off two straight wins. Ian Berschley-McLennan has emerged as the big gun.

The Golden Boys misfired vs. the Cherbatys last night, but they had a strong representation of players out. Some dropped balls cost them though. Golden Boys face off tonite vs. DNR, who are also struggling.

That leaves the Asslegs. (really the Assassin Legends) Just who are these guys? Their team rep hasn't registered them.(Can someone help out this computer illiterate bunch?) maybe they need a typewriter? I shouldn't diss them, but I know they can't read without their Trailer park guy type glasses, so not to worry.

They certainly can't play defence. They think defence is something you put around your house in Puerto Rico (de- fence) And Offensively, do they have a quarterback? One guy is nicknamed "Conrad" Holloway, apparently named after Conredge Holloway, the old Toronto Argonaut QB. He must be his arm challenged brother!

Rumour has it they take as week to recover after each game. I mean they have a new QB every week. One guy had to take two weeks off, and last nights guy won't be even playing tonight. One of their receivers fell downso many times, the teams had to replace the divots the guy left in the artificial turf!!!

Well whatever? Asslegs, as they are now called are so old they bring their families out to watch, just in case it's the last time they'll be able to see them. Well, what's left of the Infirmlegs will play tonite in a big game vs. the Hyenas2. Winners will almost assure themselves a playoff spot, while the losers will be in a battle for the playoff spots.

Ahhhh. Fun Time.

Remember if you're interested in the new Flag divison next session, letme know and i can pick up some belts over the holidays at a reduced cost.


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