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Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 30, 2008 05:25 AM

Holy parity Batman!

Check it out!

Only two remain! Hyenas 2 and GYPR are the only remaining prevous Champs and undefeated!

The Mighty Assasin Legends were handed a thorough beating, at the hands and feet of GYPR, as the mercurial unveiling of GYPR QB Stephan Pastushenko unleashed another torrent of TD passes vs. the prone Assassin Legends. West-End phenom QB- turned -receiver, Jesse Clarke led the way with another multi-TD performance with 3!

Not to be outdone,fellow QB- turned -receiver- and rusher, JJ Johnson, had a pick for a TD, along with 4 sacks! Team rep, Craig Kwiatkowski also had a 2 TD game along with his int, as the GYPR laid a severe beating on the Assassin Legends. Injured receiver, Joerdan pastushenko, recovering form Anterior -cruciate surgery was in the crowd cheeringon his teammates! Glad to see you up and about Jordan!

Legends,..... it's time to get Teresa and Adele back!...or the old Maze!!!

Then in the upset of the night, the Flaming Cherbaty's edged out last year's Champion, T.A,K, without T. so I guess it was Cherbaty's 26-"AK" 19! Matt Sveinson was a one man wrecking crew with a TD, 2 sacks, 2 Ints and 3 TD passes. James Filbey with 8 and a sack,Chris Sveinson and Ian Berschley-MacLellan all had TDs as well.

Replying for the shocked AK, were Sean McKie, Bryson Prendergast and Jordan Gagnon with a TD each QB,Ben Shea added the single. Bryson Prendergast and Jordan Gagnon each had an Int as well!

Hyenas continued their Champion ways winning 20 -2 vs. D.N.R.a first year team. This sets up the battle of the season, the fight for first, the top of the manyana, the two undefeated teams go at it Dec 5, FRIDAY under the lights at the DOME, 11:25pm, in the nightcap on the "near" field. Get your Popcorn ready! oh wait, that's actually the Hyenas oponent! there!

In the battle of new teams the Golden Boys got it going with a 40- 14 win vs. the Gorillaz. Hey "Ruhzales?" Where were you?

Leading the GBoys with 5TD passes was Mark Loughery. His bro, Dave had 2TDs and a convert, and an int, with Chris Silva adding 2 TDs , 2 sacks and an int. Ryan Horstall with a TD and a sack, and Ian Campbell with a safety and 5 sacks led the team defensively

For the Gorillaz Pat Campbell had 12 points, 2 sacks and an int, with Richard Volstad a sack and 2 TD passes.

3 weeks till the Championships!


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