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Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 16, 2008 02:54 AM


A great start to a new season. 4 "new" teams and 4 returning. Some interesting games last night. While watching, there were some very interesting plays. Including the Flaming Cherbaty's first play for a a 40 yard TD bomb.

The timing was great, as I was just explaining the concepts of the Indoor Dome game to some spectators. I explained the basics, and was just talking strategy, regarding how through "evolution" the Offensive strategy, seems to be "throw deep." I was just saying that as the Cherbaty's did just that.

Also the oldest man in touch football apparently recorded a QB sack, last night, as well.

The Dome also added to their lighting concept on the far field, as well as the overall Dome, according to the maintenance people. It did seem a little brighter in there. And did you notice??? We were able to get started at 10:00 pm,as the Dome was cleared, and players were allowed on early!! Lookin good!

Thanks should go to the concession/bar staff, who offered friendly, efficient, service. I noticed more than one team enjoyed a few bubblies after the game. There is nothing better than having a cool one after the game!.

Hey Congratulations to "Rushzales" who is expecting her and her hubbies third youngan!

Just a note, while I entered stats,I noticed a few people still hadn't signed up on the website. That means I can't credit those stats to anyone, as they aren't on the team posted roster. If your team likes those pesky stats, make sure you get signed in (details on one of the other forum posts or email me if you have trouble.)

Next week we have a schedule break so we all can enjoy the Grey Cup festivities, and then we are back at it.

Also,for those interested registration is open for the Winter session. Note a couple new ideas for competition. The 4 on 4 flag division, and the Individual Elite division for those looking to "refine" their skills vs. like minded competition. Of course the regular divisions are still available. Registration deadline is the end of January, so start preparing.

Good Luck to all in your next game

Comment Posted by mightymaroon Nov 17, 2008 04:50 PM

Don't forget to mention:
Stephan Pastushenko stepped up and threw a whopping 7 TD-passes in his first ever start at QB for the new-look Maroons... I mean GETCHA POPCORN READY!
Hey Mr. Mazur, was the show "Popcorn-worthy"?

Looking forward to the Assassin Legends in two weeks.
Let the best team win.

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 17, 2008 05:46 PM


Damn I missed you guys over on the far field. I did notice Stephan throwing, I even asked his bro Jordan, if that was him. Geez you guys have 3 QBs on that team!! Hey good luck to Jordan on that AC operation.

Assassin Legends!! Pfft! their own minds! You guys will hose them.
GYPR rules!

Comment Posted by mightymaroon Nov 19, 2008 03:57 PM

BTW, what's up with Legends not having any players on their roster?
Are they just lazy or is it strategy so they can bring out anyone they want at anytime and claim they're on the roster?

Either way, they're missing out on stats and possible stat leader trophies.

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 20, 2008 03:40 AM

They are computer illiterate. They are old.

I do have their roster, not to worry. It's basicaly the same as last year with one new old guy, the legendary, and one of the originals, Mike Fardy, and/but, conversely, the loss of Adele. They were supposed to have more old guys, as about 50 guys showed up at their re-union, and indicated an interest in playing, but.....they are so old, they probably forgot! :)

Comment Posted by mightymaroon Nov 21, 2008 06:03 AM

Hahaha, that makes sense.
Yeah we just wanted to know who we'd be matching up against, but if its basically same as last year it should be a good game.
I heard Jessie wants to pick off Tim Shea again. =)

Oh well, their loss... with 62 points I'm sure one of their guys has 18 or so points... BUT since they're not on the roster GYPR's Kasali Akili leads all players with 13 points!



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