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Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 07, 2008 08:36 AM

Yo Hommies,

Lets have a little fun .

How about trying a new 4 on 4 Flag Division. That way winners could take part in Flag mags tournaments and have some experience. Winter starts the first week of Feb, so start planning.

Comment Posted by Sel Nov 12, 2008 02:27 PM

Holy smokes rule shock! Could be interesting.... From the Flag Mag site:

4 & 5 MAN No Contact Rules
* We reserve the right to reduce the number of games due to unforeseen circumstances
 A coin toss determines first or 2nd half possession.
 The offensive team takes possession of the ball at their 5-yard line and has (3) plays to cross mid-field.
 Once a team crosses mid-field, they will have three (3) plays to score a touchdown. If the offense fails to score, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team take over on their 5-yard line.
 If the offensive team fails to cross mid-field, possession of the ball changes and the opposite team starts their drive from their 5-yard line.
 Interceptions can be returned for adults not for youth
 (2) 12 minute half’s running time, At the 1 Minute Warning Clock stops, Out of Bounds, Incompletion and scores each time the ball is spotted a team has: 30 seconds to snap the ball.


 Teams must field a min of three players at all times.
 Teams consist of 10 players (5 on field)
 If team is more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled games they will be forfeited.


 Games are played two halves of 12 minutes. highest score at end of regulation wins
 Mercy Rule (At any time if a team is winning by 28 points, game is over).
 Touchdown=six points, extra point= (5 yards out), 2 (12 yards out), Safety=2 points.


 If the teams are tied at the end of 24 minutes, teams move directly into overtime.
 Coin toss determines possession in each overtime.
 Each team receives one offensive play. 5 yards-1 point, 12 yards two points..
 If the teams are tied again, overtime repeats.


 All players are eligible to receive passes.
 Player must have two feet in bounds when making a catch.
 One player is allowed in motion.


 The QB cannot run the ball.
 Only direct hand-offs behind the line of scrimmage are legal. Offense can use multiple handoffs.
 The player who takes the hand-off can throw the ball as long as he does not pass the line of scrimmage.
 Absolutely No laterals or pitches of any kind.
 No run zones" are located 5-yards before mid-field and 5-yards before the end zone in each offensive direction
 Spinning is allowed but players cannot leave their feet to avoid a defense player (no diving)
 The ball is spotted where the ball carriers belt is when the flag is pulled, not where the ball is.


 All passes must be forward and received beyond the line of scrimmage
 QB has a: 7 second "pass clock". If the pass is not thrown within the: 7 seconds, play is dead, loss of down,
 Ball returns to line of scrimmage. Once the ball is handed off, the: 7-second clock is dead.
 Interceptions can be returned.


 Ball must be snapped between legs, not off to one side.
 Play is dead when:
 Ball carriers flag is pulled.
 Ball carrier steps out of bounds
 Touchdown is scored
 Ball carriers flag falls out-one hand touch
 Ball carriers knee hits the ground
 No fumbles, ball is spotted where it hits the ground.
 Anytime ball touches the ground, it’s dead.


 All players that rush the QB must be 7 yards from the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.
 Players not rushing the QB may defend at the line of scrimmage
 Once the ball has been handed off the 7 yard rule is no longer in effect and all defenders are eligible to rush
 A special marker, or the referee, will designate 7 yards from the line of scrimmage.


The referee will call all penalties.
 Offside: 5 yards
 Pass Interference: Spot of Foul & 1st down
 Illegal contact (bump and run, blocking, etc.): 10 yards & First down
 Holding: 10 yards at end of run &1st down
 Illegal flag pull (before receiver has ball): 10 yards&1st down
 Illegal rushing (start rush from inside 7 yard marker): 5 yards & 1st down. (Offside cannot rush)
 Illegal Motion (more than 1 person moving, false start, motion, etc.): 5yards repeat down
 Illegal Forward Pass (Pass received behind line of scrimmage): 5 yards repeat down
 Offensive pass interference (Illegal pick play, pushing off/away defender): spot foul.
 Flag Guarding: 10 yards (from point of infraction) and loss of down
 Delay of game: clock will stop, 10 yards and loss of down.
Referees determine incidental contact, which may result from normal run of play! Only the team captain may ask the referee questions about rule clarification and interpretation. Player cannot question judgment call. Games cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it.


 If the field monitor or referee witnesses any acts of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, blocking, or an unsportsmanlike act,
 The game will be stopped & the player can be ejected from the game. Any players ejected will be removed from tournament and not allowed to play at the World Cup or any IFFF organized events.
 Trash talking is illegal. Official has the right to determine language, which is offensive.
 Coaches are not permitted in Field of play.
 Defender must hand flag back to ball carrier - 5 yard penalty
Flags must be 15 inches long and the roster limit is 8 players Field Size-4MAN
25 Yards Wide x 60 yards Long-Total Distance
endzones 7 yards,total playing yards is 46. Field Size 5MAN
30 Yards Wide x 60 yards Long-Total Distance
endzones 7 yards,total playing yards is 46.

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 12, 2008 04:07 PM


Of course those may be for their specific tournament. We'll use the same Indoor rules as we always have........ Only dif, you have to get a flag to stop the play.

Comment Posted by Sel Nov 14, 2008 02:03 AM

Don't you think that it would be ridiculously offensive with the touch rules? I'm thinking that the 3 plays from midfield (30 yds) nicely offsets the much greater task of pulling someones flag vs a one hand touch.... especially in a 4 on 4 situation.

Comment Posted by dmazur Nov 15, 2008 06:08 AM

Could be. I do have an extra calculator.

Imagine the stats!! :)

Comment Posted by kimo Dec 17, 2008 06:01 PM

this is the flag football rules right, touch is still 29 mins long?

Comment Posted by dmazur Dec 17, 2008 07:58 PM

Like I noted, we'll go with a modification of the the above posted flag rules. Those were taken off /from a different league/website. We would play with the same touch rules, only the tag would be grabbing the flag. In theory it would give the offense a little more advantage, and even more scoring? Yahoo!

Games are 1 hour in length. Refs in this league give you the entire hour. We cleaned up the reffing integrity this season. (On occassion, should a "blowout" occur and one of the teams requests a shorter game, time may be shortened, as requested.)


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